Shades of Grey: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Side of Web Scraping

Webscraping, data mining, cookieing… these are just some of the many tactics used by businesses to collect information from other websites for their financial gain.  So if a company uses software to “webscrape” information from a third-party website, is it legal? Is it ethical? Google offers webscraping tools, while the courts consistently rule against its users.   Either way, it certainly raises some serious security concerns.

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How to Prepare for a DDoS Attack

Our 2015-2016 Global Network & Application Security Report documented that 51% of businesses suffered a DDoS attack in 2015.  Further, 90% of businesses suffered some sort of cyber attack during that same period.  This is an astonishing number and as network operators, we need to be prepared.  DDoS attacks can be a debilitating event to your business, but they don’t have to be.  If you’re prepared, you can help control the outcome. 

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At Risk for DDoS Outages? If You Answer Yes to the First Five Questions – WATCH OUT!

We’ve all seen executives boast after a high profile cyberattack outage that they have done all that they can do to prevent a DDoS or other type of cyberattack outage. They suggest that these attacks are inevitable and outages, ergo, are inevitable. However, is this true?

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Today’s Cyber Security Threats in the Telecom Industry

Today the Telecom industries provide a wide array of global services that communicate with millions of customers.

This diverse business ecosystem is fraught with increasingly frequent cyber risks. It demands a commitment to cybersecurity that focuses on highly trained personnel, up-to-date solutions, and the right tools to detect, analyses, and respond to threats.

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Why it takes so long for news, sports, and travel sites to load

What’s the price of a second?

When went down for 20 minutes earlier this month, it cost the ecommerce giant an estimated $3.75 million – $3,125 per second.

Many other sites are leaving money on the table even when their sites are fully operational. The 2016 State of the Union: Multi-Industry Web Performance (Desktop Edition) found that most travel, news, and sports sites fail one of the most fundamental tests of web performance: load time.

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Is Your Organization In the Ring of Fire?

Schools are getting more sophisticated; there is no doubt about it. My kids recently had an "emergency study exercise" in grade-school where they needed to log in to the school system from home and participate in an online classroom, listen to a session and answer some questions.  The idea was to see if the school was prepared for emergency situations, where the kids couldn’t attend school for some reason, but they could continue studying remotely.  I thought that was pretty cool. 

I also learned recently about a high school in our area where all the classroom activity is conducted online.  The students have no books, no notebooks – only their laptop. 

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Cyber Attack Marketplace: Where, How, and Why of Purchasing an Attack

Over the last decade the technology industry has grown by leaps and bounds. Along with this rapid growth, cyber-attacks have evolved in parallel at an alarming rate. Part of this growth can be attributed to the growing number of markets and attack services available to the public.

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The Cloud Can Optimize Your Applications

I do a lot of my purchases through online and physical ‘superstores’ that provide a one-stop shopping experience. I do this because I am confident that they have what I want, when I want it.  It is convenient to know that I can always have access to the items that I need without having to resort to an involved search and discovery process.  An interesting side effect of this process was that the purchasing and delivery of my items became more efficient.  There are processes and components that can be streamlined based on the ‘superstore’ model through unified shopping carts, consistent interfaces, and other functions.

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