Radware is Positioned as a Leader!

It gives me great pleasure to share with you that Radware has been positioned by Gartner, Inc. in the Leaders Quadrant for its Application Delivery Controllers in the October 30, 2013 Magic Quadrant.  If you’re not quite familiar with the report, let me just point out that it is of top importance to decision makers among enterprise, carrier, and cloud data centers when considering buying an ADC/load balancer. If you didn’t have the chance to review the report, you can access it here.

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Securing Your Web Site: The Wild Goose Chase

The revised Payment Cards Industry Data Security Standard (PCI-DSS) that was released last Thursday did not provide any ground breaking news regarding the requirement for the protection of publicly facing web-applications against vulnerabilities and web-application attacks.

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My Experience at the Radware Executive Exchange 2013

Jared Stauffer is the founder and CEO of Brinkster and is a featured guest blogger.

I have often joked with people that if you wanted to, you could be gone at a conference every week of the year. The trick is – finding the conferences that will truly add value and not be a complete waste of your time.

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REPORT: 2013 State of the Union for Mobile Ecommerce Performance

Mobile users have high expectations. Two out of three shoppers expect pages to load in four seconds or less on their smartphones (and three seconds on their tablets). Google recently raised that bar in the latest version of their mobile development guidelines, stating that sites should deliver “above the fold” content in less than one second.

Our annual mobile performance report, the 2013 State of the Union for Mobile Ecommerce Performance, released today, poses the question: How do the top 100 retail websites measure up to these expectations?


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More Bots and Aggressive API Abuse

In my last article about Bots and Scrapers for abuse, we explored some of the issues surrounding scripts and bots for abusing retailers. Recently, more light has been shed upon even more abuse coming to the Web in the form of aggressive API’s and bots to automate Web processes. Beyond competitors and price index advantages, people are using bots for profits and personal advantages. 

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Case Study: Understanding the Impact of Slow Load Times on Shopping Cart Abandonment

Every year, the shopping cart abandonment rate climbs during the holiday season, with analysts expecting to see a peak of 88% in 2013. An estimated one out of five of those carts are abandoned due to slow performance.

This post outlines how much retailers lose due to slow checkout pages, four common performance culprits, and what site owners can do to speed up the transaction process for their customers.

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Mass Market Tipping Point for SDN, NFV and Orchestration

It has been just more than six months since we finished our first commercial Software defined networking (SDN) product launch.  Prior, we had completed several commercial, what might be considered today as Network Functions Virtualization (NFV), deliveries based upon virtualized platforms and embedded system designs.  And throughout the same period, we concluded numerous cloud orchestration integrations.  There are similarities among all of the designs, including software based solution delivery, automated provisioning and application centric workflows resulting in better network services. 

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REPORT: State of the Union for Ecommerce Web Performance [Fall 2013]

Since we began tracking the performance of the top 500 retail websites back in 2010, web page speed has migrated from the technology fringe to center stage, due in part to the numerous case studies from large and small companies demonstrating the relationship between site speed and business KPIs like revenue and conversion rate.

Yet despite all this attention, the question remains: has there been a positive impact on the websites we use every day? Our latest ecommerce performance study suggests not.

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