Darknet 101: An Introduction to The Darkest Places Online

In my last blog, I talked a little about the general principles of the cyberattack marketplace.  Today, we will take a closer look at the Darknet. There is so much talk these days about the Darknet. It’s the stuff of crime novels – a hotbed of criminal activity where anything can be bought and sold.

While that is true, the Darknet also provides an anonymizing layer to journalists and activists around the world who fight for the freedom of information and privacy. It is often a place where they can securely and anonymously communicate with their contacts.

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In An Era Of Decline, News Sites Can’t Afford Poor Web Performance

For all industries, web performance is an essential part of the online equation, and if there’s an industry that’s been disrupted by the web as greatly as the retail sector, it has to be news and media, making every aspect of the online experience even more important.

At the turn of this century, one of the key terms and concepts in university news and media courses was “media convergence” – that is, all things media coming together via the internet and web-enabled devices to an exploding user base.

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Cybersecurity in the Real World: 4 Examples of the Rise of Public Transportation Systems Threats

Public Transportation is the lifeblood of any economy and the circulatory system of modern day societies.  From train, plane to automobile, the public transportation apparat is one of the core achievements in a highly functioning society.   It includes everything from the roads, shipping ports and airports which are funded and maintained by public investments to wholly run publicly available train and bus systems.

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The ADC is a Force Multiplier for NFV

The IT industry is moving towards virtualization and software-defined [insert noun here].  IT architects are realize that management and orchestration systems are required to extract the full benefits of the virtualized architectures. The mobile service providers designed network functions virtualization (NFV) as the standard architecture to bring virtualization and cloud-like functionality to their networks.

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Security and Convenience Don’t Mix

David Storch is a Product Manager and Principal Consultant at Atos and a featured guest blogger

In a press conference in March 2015 Hillary Clinton said ‘When I got to work as secretary of state, I opted for convenience to use my personal email account… because I thought it would be easier to carry just one device for my work.’ This statement is interesting for many reasons, one of which is not how exceptional it is, but how unexceptional, and how well it summarizes the prevailing sentiment about personal devices and convenience. Any number of people in business or government could have made a similar statement–it represents the thinking of government, business and individuals all across the world. Note that what is being referred to as convenient isn’t using a personal device or of using personal email, but of having to ‘carry just one.’

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Carrier Market Addresses Privacy, Encryption and Security In Recent INCOMPASS Panel

The U.S. Senate is currently evaluating a bill that would require companies to break encryption under a court order. There is much controversy around this bill, in fact several organizations have already spoken out against it, including the CTA.

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Ransomware Takes Center Stage As A Major Corporate Cyber Security Risk

It’s 9:30am.  You’ve gotten your morning coffee, checked your email, and now you are surfing the web when all of a sudden everything freezes.  A message pops up on your screen saying:

“You have been caught accessing inappropriate content and your device will remain locked unless you pay $$$$$”

Ransomware is fast becoming the leading cyber concern for businesses in 2016. We are seeing new ransom tactics used daily to target companies from various industries and individuals worldwide. The potential harm is devastating.

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Validating Cisco’s Threat-Centric Security Solutions

Light Reading commissioned its independent test lab partner European Advanced Networking Test Center AG (EANTC) to evaluate Firepower 9300 next generation Firewall. I am sharing with you the industry’s first, third party validation of Radware DefensePro on Firepower 9300.

Service providers and enterprises are challenged by an evolving threat landscape resulting in reduced revenues, higher expenses, and damaged reputations. The number and complexity of cyber-attacks such as DDoS is continuously increasing.

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