Our SDN Accomplishment at ONF

Recently, my colleague, Ehud Doron, who has been relentlessly promoting SDN, received recognition from the industry for his efforts.  Taking home the “Outstanding Technical Contributor” award, Ehud’s ongoing contributions were recognized in the NBI working group of the Open Networking Foundation Summit.

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WordPress DDoS and other HTTP Reflectors

Lately, there has been a lot of buzz about reflection and amplification attacks extending DDoS harm.  The new kid on this attack block is NTP.  NTP, or Network Time Protocol, is an amplification attack that is an emerging form of DDoS.  This attack relies on the use of publically accessible NTP servers to overwhelm a victim’s system.  While DNS attacks are still an old favorite, recently there has been a new rash of HTTP-based amplification attacks having a more significant impact than the past standard network floods.

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Was NATO Hit by a DNS Attack?

The latest developments in the Russia-Ukraine cyberwar battle have garnered huge media attention.  It was also recently revealed that the cyber attacks on the NATO websites and infrastructure have been linked to those same tensions.  The attacks, which targeted NATO and also Ukrainian media websites, were distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) allegedly by the pro-Russia group Cyber Berkut (KiberBerkut). 

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To Err Human, To Automate Secure

“To err is human.”

This quote by British poet Alexander Pope gained new meaning to me after reading a follow-up article by Information Week on the massive security breach that the American retailer Target experienced this past November. According to the story, the Target security team reviewed and ignored urgent warnings about unknown malware spotted on their network. They simply made the wrong call. This can happen, but this erroneous call, ended up resulting in millions of dollars in lost revenues to the organization as well as exposed the personal and credit information of millions of their shoppers.

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Can a Boeing 777 Airliner be Brought Down by a Cyber Attack?

Bottom line: It is not only conceivable, but Boeing itself has warned about it.

As a former United States Air Force Aviator, and also an Electronic Warfare Officer on B-52s for several years, I’ve learned that aircrafts are vulnerable, just like everything else. My time spent in service to our country provided me unique insight into these security vulnerabilities and that’s why I feel this is an opportunity for me to share the knowledge I’ve gained from my experience, especially as the discussion of airline safety fills daily headlines.

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Geopolitics and Cyber: A New War?

This week, I was interview by Fox Business on how hacktivism takes center stage when geopolitical tensions rise. (Geopolitical Tensions Invade Cyberspace, March 11, Fox Business)

In the interview, we discussed how groups and actors that are against state-run edicts, policies and the like take to the web to quickly mobilize and then antagonize and disrupt their adversaries. They leverage online outlets such as YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media properties as their platform to denounce who they’re against and why.

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Case Studies: Three Benefits of Automated Performance Optimization

If you go looking for case studies that prove the business value of improving website performance, chances are you’ll encounter a number of studies that focus on obvious ecommerce metrics like cart size and sales. But there are a number of other ways that improving performance can move other business metrics. Today, I want to highlight a few of these metrics using some customer case studies.

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My Thoughts on RSA 2014: Bigger and More Expensive Means Better?

My hat’s off to the organizers of RSA 2014 which is held every year in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, as they achieved an unbelievable event this year.   The show was not only incredibly well attended, (rumored to be over 25,000 attendees) with a record breaking year of attendance from the vendor community that required two enormous exhibition halls, but it was well organized.   All-in-all, I believe that if one couldn’t get from the RSA Show what they wanted, then the problem probably laid more with the seeker than the organizers of this show!

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