Obama’s Cyber-Security Proposals: Does this Safe Platform Translate to a Safer Network?

President Obama’s mention of cyber-security in last night’s State of the Union Address came as no surprise.  The Obama camp implemented a novel approach this year of “previewing” the President’s main agenda items through a series of speeches in the week preceding the SOTU. But even without the preview, the comments on cyber-security were rather predictable (and brief).

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The Right Way to Secure Your Applications Against DDoS Using Signaling

David Monahan is Research Director for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and is a featured guest blogger.

Let’s face it. DDoS are the big, fat, scary bully of the Internet. When organizations have sufficiently tight security or a would-be attacker doesn’t have the skills to overcome a target’s security, he or she can buy capacity on a bot-net or other delivery vehicle and slam packets from all over the world at the target’s site and application(s).

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Want to Deliver the Best Possible User Experience in 2015? Consider These 8 Web Performance Resolutions.

In survey after survey, internet users say they want their online experience to be as safe, reliable, and fast as possible. That’s why security, availability, and performance are at the core of everything we do at Radware. And that’s why we’ve compiled this list of resolutions — from managing page bloat to regaining control of rogue third-party scripts — for site owners who want to deliver the fastest possible user experience to their audience.

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Attackers are winning the Race to Find the Weakest Link — An Update on the JP Morgan Data Breach

With the information security industry suitably distracted by the attacks against Sony, there was a notable story that slipped quietly under the radar last week. On December 22, the New York Times reported that this summer’s breach at JP Morgan Chase was the result of a single server that got overlooked in a system-wide upgrade of security. Such an oversight is not entirely uncommon for vast enterprises managing tens-of-thousands of assets as part of their corporate network.

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Your Six Favorite Posts of 2014

During the past 12 months, we’ve worked to provide more than application delivery and security solutions.  Our goal was (and is) to share knowledge with the IT community so you can assess upcoming trends, implement best practices, and gain insights through our research. Thanks to our readers, partners, customers, and team members for another great year of sharing our thought leadership. 

Here’s a look at what resonated the most with our readers this past year.  Happy Holidays and we wish you a smart, successful, and secure 2015.  Cheers!

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Transformation of the Data Center & Building the Private Cloud, Part 2

Jim Frey is Vice President of Research, Network Management for Enterprise Management Associates (EMA) and is a featured guest blogger.

In Part 1 of this blog, we looked at the growing adoption of cloud and Software-Defined Datacenter (SDDC), but also the fact that network virtualization choices are many and varied, creating some uncertainty regarding how to proceed.  In part 2, we will look at network virtualization options and how to align for best success.

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New Research on Cyber-Attack Trends: Radware 2014-2015 Global Application & Network Security Report

The frenetic pace of network security threats leads businesses of all size, and managers at all levels, struggling to understand risk.

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Every Day Is Cyber Monday. Is Your Site Delivering the Best Possible User Experience?

With the allure of Black Friday weekend fading, online retailers are discovering that every day is Cyber Monday. Online shoppers expect deep discounts, free shipping, and a top-drawer user experience every day of the holiday shopping season. In this post, we’ll look at four strategies site owners are implementing to give shoppers a richer online experience, and the performance pitfalls (and solutions!) for each strategy.

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