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4 Tips for Securing Your Public Cloud for Remote Work

As organizations gain more remote workers during coronavirus times, IT should implement these best practices to help mitigate emerging risks.

A Changing World Requires a Changing View of Security

Being catapulted into the future has revealed cracks in terms of the infrastructure IT specialists have had to play with, and the extent of their skills.

How to Predict the Future in the Palm Lines of the Web

Most of the attacks carried out during March 2020 used the UDP traffic protocol (71%), camouflaged within the avalanche generated by the lockdown.

Malicious Bots Have Realized Your APIs Are the Weak Link

Modern applications and services rely heavily on API integration and communication. But 81% of organizations have reported attacks against their APIs.

Getting 5G Security Right in the Age of Covid-19

With business models shifting as a result of lockdown, 5G could support a company’s plans for growth and innovation in a way not conceived before.

K-Pop Fans Are the New Anonymous

Recent cyber events have proven why Anonymous is obsolete, highlighting the need for a new hacktivist group that doesn’t live off the names of the past.

Distributed Offices Pose Our Next Great Challenge

A new model of working must emerge -- and will be closely related to how technically adapted to lockdown companies were in the first place.

What To Consider When Evaluating DDoS Mitigation Services

In this video, Dileep Mishra, a Radware Sales Engineer, discusses three key factors to consider when evaluating DDoS mitigation services.

Recommendations for Managing a Bad Bot Problem

Here's how businesses should manage bad bots--which account for nearly 25% of internet traffic-- and mitigate their impact on the bottom line.

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Layer 7 Attack Mitigation

The DDoS world hits new records lately, with the attacks on and later on OVH and Dyn reached a bandwidth of more than 1T of traffic. While the bandwidth numbers are impressive indeed, the numbers themselves were expected. The DDoS security experts expect...

Excessive Permissions are Your #1 Cloud Threat

Migrating workloads to public cloud environment opens up organizations to a slate of new, cloud-native attack vectors which did not exist in the world of premise-based data centers. In this new environment, workload security is defined by which users have access to your cloud...

GDPR and HITECH: Can the past predict the future?

In February of 2017, Memorial Healthcare System settled their HIPAA violation fines for $5.5 Million USD. During an investigation, it was discovered that over 100,000 patient records had been impermissibly accessed. Allegedly, an ex-employee retained access to personal identifying information and sold data records...


The State of Web Application Security 2019

This report details current perceptions about the state of application attacks, security practices and the impact of the transition to microservice architectures.