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Why Bot Management is Essential for CCPA Compliance

While preparing for CCPA compliance, security and compliance units within an organization may overlook certain technical vulnerabilities.

Emotet Attacks Spread Alongside Fears of Coronavirus

Threat actors are leveraging rising fear of the coronavirus to issue malicious Emotet malware campaigns for personal gain.

Creating a Secure Climate for your Business

Today's IT landscape looks drastically different than it did a few years ago. Networks are more digitized and complex due to new, emerging technologies.

Getting Ready for 5G & IoT

Network performance improvements and IoT capabilities promise to help businesses move even faster. Yet uncertainty about this new technology is prevalent.

A Primer on the California Consumer Privacy Act

At its core, the CCPA is a data protection policy to ensure that the privacy rights of internet users in California are seriously enforced

Network Security in an App-Driven World

In a world driven by apps, how do service providers accommodate the masses of IoT devices, applications, consumers and bandwidth requirements?

The Deep Exhale Before Mobile World Congress

The breakthroughs made in healthcare, automotive, and industrial IoT can really achieve game-changing advancements to help society at large.

Mitigating the State-Sponsored Threat

Here are four key strategies that any and every organization should consider before mitigating the state-sponsored threat.

Microservice Architectures Challenge Traditional Security Practices

Microservice architectures meet organizations’ need for speed, but the tradeoff is the introduction of new security challenges.

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Layer 7 Attack Mitigation

The DDoS world hits new records lately, with the attacks on and later on OVH and Dyn reached a bandwidth of more than 1T of traffic. While the bandwidth numbers are impressive indeed, the numbers themselves were expected. The DDoS security experts expect...

Excessive Permissions are Your #1 Cloud Threat

Migrating workloads to public cloud environment opens up organizations to a slate of new, cloud-native attack vectors which did not exist in the world of premise-based data centers. In this new environment, workload security is defined by which users have access to your cloud...

GDPR and HITECH: Can the past predict the future?

In February of 2017, Memorial Healthcare System settled their HIPAA violation fines for $5.5 Million USD. During an investigation, it was discovered that over 100,000 patient records had been impermissibly accessed. Allegedly, an ex-employee retained access to personal identifying information and sold data records...


The State of Web Application Security 2019

This report details current perceptions about the state of application attacks, security practices and the impact of the transition to microservice architectures.