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Predictor or Pitfall? Third Party Security Evaluators

The use of 3rd parties to test the cyber hygiene of business partners and vendors has become increasingly common.

How Low-Code/No-Code App Development Affects IT Security

While low-code and no-code application development is a couple decades old, the train truly left the station just a few years ago. It has been gaining considerable steam ever since. So popular and prevalent is low-code/no-code that several studies estimate that by 2025 it will be responsible for two-thirds of all applications developed.

Do This 1 Thing to Protect Your Organization This Holiday Season

Unfortunately, the holidays are also an exciting time for cybercriminals. While we’re shopping, they’re on their own shopping sprees. It comes in the form of phishing, scraping, password attacks and zero-day exploits. These attacks increase at holiday time.

“What I Wish I Would Have Known About Cloud Security Prior to our Cloud...

We like to query Radware customers on an array of cybersecurity subjects because we always receive insightful, interesting and, perhaps most importantly, educational responses. You’ll see that this month is no different.

The Evolution of Application Development

pplication development has gone through an array of stages. Challenges relating to it got so taxing that in 2001 several noted developers got together to establish the Agile Manifesto. Its goal was to address issues they had with traditional slow and cumbersome application development — the waterfall method.
Data Scraping

The LinkedIn Data Scraping Verdict — and Its Reversal

In October of last year, a ruling against LinkedIn by The United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth District in San Francisco left many confused. How could the court rule in favor of a company, HiQ Labs, that used bots to scrape over 150 million professionals’...

What is the W4SP Information Stealer?

Since mid-October, W4SP malware is attacking software supply chains; in this case, it's using Python packages to launch an information stealer.

“How will the Uber Breach Verdict Affect the CISO Role in the Future?”

A Uber breach verdict was handed down that could prove highly impactful to CISOs and CSOs in the near and distant future.
Attack Vectors

Ukraine’s Response to Cyber Threats a Model in DDoS Prevention

With the disruption, loss of life and heartbreaking images that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has produced, it is easy to overlook what it has meant to the cyber threat landscape. Even threat actors have taken sides.

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What Drives DDoS Attacks and Why it Should be a Concern

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service; the objective of a DoS attack is to disrupt or deny services from legitimate users.

4 Assumptions Preventing Effective API Protection

API Protection
API traffic has tripled in growth compared to the overall API traffic. Here are 4 common misconceptions companies have about API protection.

What it Means to Redefine Success in Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are not going to decrease for the foreseeable future, and the challenges they pose to organizations are very real.

Layer 7 Attack Mitigation

The DDoS world hits new records lately, with the attacks on and later on OVH and Dyn reached a bandwidth of more than 1T of traffic. While the bandwidth numbers are impressive indeed, the numbers themselves were expected. The DDoS security experts expect...


2021 Cyberthreat Retrospective and Why It Was a Bumpy Ride

Threat landscape
2021 was the year where Ransom DoS confirmed its pervasive presence in the DDoS threat landscape.