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Hacker’s Almanac Series III

The Four Pillars of a Cybersecurity Strategy That Works

Understanding the threat landscape is one thing; extracting and leveraging actionable threat intelligence to reinforce an organization's defensive posture is another. Threat intelligence empowers organizations by providing them with the knowledge and visibility needed to make well-informed decisions about their security defenses and respond faster to current and evolving...
Automation is a Must Have

Why Automation is a Must Have for Disaster Recovery

We have seen a spate of cloud service provider outages with overly negative economic impact. The AWS outage in December 2021 disrupted Disney+, Ticketmaster, Slack and Netflix, among a host of others. The Facebook (now Meta) outage in October 2021 was particularly painful. It not only took down WhatsApp...
The Security Vulnerabilities of Third-Party Collaboration Tools

The Security Vulnerabilities of Third-Party Collaboration Tools

How many of you still participate in-person meetings on a daily basis? If this question was asked before the beginning of 2020, it would have raised several eyebrows. Our working days prior to the pandemic were often filled with face-to-face meetings. In post-pandemic days, even with people going back into...

The Danger of API Security Overconfidence: Four Takeaways from Radware’s 2022 State of API...

A short list of the companies that have suffered recent API-related breaches are a who’s-who of the global technology brain trust: Microsoft, Venmo, Equifax, Instagram, Facebook, Amazon, PayPal, and many others. If even these tech-savvy organizations are subject to cyberattack, the reality couldn’t...

Q1 2022 DDoS and Application Attack Activity: An Overview

The cybersecurity threat landscape in the first quarter of 2022 represented a mix bag of old enemies and new foes. New actors dominated the DDoS threat landscape while application security faced tried-and-true attack vectors. These attacks were largely driven by a threat landscape turbocharged...

Securing applications in the multi-cloud: Where should organizations start?

The cloud represents a gamechanger in the way businesses access and use technology, but it’s also brought with it major implementation challenges. The most fundamental of these is simply that the cloud comprises multiple services and platforms, which has made integration a critical piece in the cloud...

Radware Mitigates 1.1Tbps DDoS Attack

As more businesses migrate critical resources and applications to the public cloud, attackers are adapting their tactics and techniques to match the scale of public cloud providers. Last week, this trend played out as reality for one of the world’s largest service providers when it was hit by a...

If You Can Answer These Questions, You Have Good Application Visibility

Managing applications as well as the network and compute infrastructure around them used to be easy. Everything sat in a private datacenter and there weren’t that many applications to begin with. But with the adoption of the hybrid cloud, applications now run in multiple private and public...

How a European Electronics Retailer Ended the Bot Menace on its Portal

It’s May 2020 and a large European electronic goods retailer realizes its bot problem is going from bad to worse. In a single week, its online store is hit with eight million bot visits to systematically scrape pricing and product information without authorization —...

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What Drives DDoS Attacks and Why it Should be a Concern

DDoS stands for Distributed Denial of Service; the objective of a DoS attack is to disrupt or deny services from legitimate users.

4 Assumptions Preventing Effective API Protection

API Protection
API traffic has tripled in growth compared to the overall API traffic. Here are 4 common misconceptions companies have about API protection.

What it Means to Redefine Success in Cybersecurity

Cyber threats are not going to decrease for the foreseeable future, and the challenges they pose to organizations are very real.

Layer 7 Attack Mitigation

The DDoS world hits new records lately, with the attacks on and later on OVH and Dyn reached a bandwidth of more than 1T of traffic. While the bandwidth numbers are impressive indeed, the numbers themselves were expected. The DDoS security experts expect...


2021 Cyberthreat Retrospective and Why It Was a Bumpy Ride

Threat landscape
2021 was the year where Ransom DoS confirmed its pervasive presence in the DDoS threat landscape.