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Giving Up On Security? How Security Companies Can Gain Trust Back

January 31, 2012 — by Avi Chesla0

Following recent escalation of cyber attack campaigns by the Anonymous group and most recently the pro-Palestinian “hacktivists” (Saudi Arabian hacker “0xOmar”) that tried over three days to bring down the Israeli stock market, national airline website and several major and vulnerable private banks, I am hearing more and more about online companies that are looking for Geo IP blocking capabilities. Not that I have anything against Geo IP analytics and blocking measures, however this specific requirement means that organizations have really decided to deny access to their legitimate audience.  Or, in other words, these companies are giving up as they don’t believe that their current security capabilities can really differentiate between legitimate to non-legitimate users under attack. Under pressure, they choose to simply block everything that is coming from countries they believe are not safe.