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IoT Hackers Trick Brazilian Bank Customers into Providing Sensitive Information

Radware Threat Research Center has identified a hijacking campaign aimed at Brazilian Bank customers through their IoT devices, attempting to gain their bank credentials. The...
The Fight Against Cybercrime

This was H1 2022 – Part 1 – The Fight Against Cybercrime

After many long lockdowns, the information technology industry woke up to a new reality. Cyber crime was too widespread and heavily resourced. Hybrid architectures...

5 Things Businesses Should Know About Storing Customer Data

Organizations should strive to do whatever they can to avoid breaches in the first place before they find out the hard way.

How to Prepare for Cyber Threats Targeting the Olympics

While connectivity provides a better user experience, additional technology and innovation can create a larger attack surface for cybercriminals.

Happy Dyn Attack Anniversary!

There is a vast underground that thrives and grows on the digitization of our economy, and demonstrate no signs of slowing down any time soon.

Ad Fraud 101: How Cybercriminals Profit from Clicks

Fraud is and always will be a cornerstone of the cybercrime community. The associated economic gains provide substantial motivation for today’s malicious actors, which...

Top 6 Threat Discoveries of 2018

Over the course of 2018, Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) identified several cyberattacks and security threats across the globe. Below is a round-up of...

The Evolution of IoT Attacks

What is the Internet of Things (IoT)? IoT is the ever-growing network of physical devices with embedded technologies that connect and exchange data over...

Hajime – Sophisticated, Flexible, Thoughtfully Designed and Future-Proof

A glimpse into the future of IoT Botnets On Oct 16th, Sam Edwards and Ioannis Profetis from Rapidity Networks published a report on a new...

Rise of the Machines: How IoT broke the Internet, and the day after tomorrow

If you are reading this, you are back on Twitter, listening to your favorite music on Spotify, watching Netflix and you can finally breathe! Yes,...