Insights on How to Meet, Manage & Monitor Application SLA in Physical & Virtual Environments


Last week I had the pleasure of co-hosting an InformationWeek webinar with Jim Metzler, a distinguished Research Fellow and also the Co-Founder at Ashton Metzler & Associates – whom I’ve known for years from various industry events and conferences. The webinar had over 400 participants and discussed why ensuring the SLA of websites and internal business-critical applications is extremely important to business functions and IT organizations. We also spoke about how Radware solutions can be utilized to deliver, monitor and manage application SLA, as well as drive web performance optimization, even during a cyber attack

During the presentation, we provided the audience with three polling questions. The results yielded valuable results that I thought was worth sharing. 

The Change in IT infrastructure Complexity

As you can see in the diagram below, 88.4% (!) reported that they see an increase in the complexity of the IT infrastructure. This increased complexity extends to mobility/BYOD, virtualization, cloud transformation and SDN. This results in organizations becoming reluctant to guarantee application SLA.

Customers’ Major Concerns When Breaching Application SLA

The results below indicate that business reputation, employee productivity and loss of online revenues are the largest concerns when an application doesn’t meet its SLA. I personally think that if a larger portion of the audience was from online businesses, “loss of online revenues” may have taken a higher priority, but it’s still insightful information.

The State of SLA

The last polling question was about the extent that organizations feel they can practically ensure SLA. As shown below, you can see that an organization’s ability to manage and monitor their application SLA varies from very low to very high. In other words, organizations admit that the internal SLAs they offer are relatively weak and they do not have the tools to effectively manage them.

If you missed the webinar, it is now available to view On-Demand.

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