The Fast and the Furious: Impressions from Velocity Conference


A couple of weeks ago, I participated in the annual Velocity Conference, which took place in Santa Clara, California. For those who are not familiar with it, Velocity is the number one industry event focusing on web development, operations and optimization. It was a great opportunity for the Radware team to chat directly with technical-level, hands-on IT professionals and decision makers, plus see the latest and greatest solutions in the field of Web acceleration, application performance monitoring, business intelligence and more.

Before the event, Radware announced our FastView™ web performance optimization (WPO) technology and our new application performance-monitoring (APM) offering (read about both on the Radware website). At the booth, we showed visitors a sales video and the technical demo we prepared – and the feedback was awesome! Specifically, many liked the fact that monitoring capabilities are now offered as part of the ADC, which provides significant value to customers.

In general, it seems that certain technologies are being integrated into new environments. One example is the fact that content distribution network (CDN) players now offer acceleration capabilities that are delivered as a service. Another example is that monitoring solutions gain more momentum and provide a holistic approach covering network, applications, storage and more. Clearly, today’s modern customers want to have it all and enjoy all worlds – load balancing, acceleration, monitoring, etc. – with less overhead of deploying many different solutions, which the technology can now provide.

In addition, I learned about several bleeding-edge solutions (in the positive sense) like cloud-based DB, optimization solutions for Big Data, scalable architectures and others. These topics were covered in keynotes from representatives of industry giants like Facebook and Google, and from luminaries like Steve Souders, a world-recognized expert in Web optimization.

To read more, watch videos and review sessions – visit the Velocity Conference 2012 Website.


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