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55 Web Performance Stats You’ll Want to Know

2013 was a great year for Radware on the research front. We released numerous studies and blog posts about topics ranging from ecommerce performance to the neuroscience behind mobile user expectations. Below I've corralled 55 amazing things you should know about how your visitors use the web.

Your Favorite Posts of 2013

Here’s a roundup of our most-read posts of 2013.  We thought it’d be interesting to look back on a year’s worth of blogs...

Mobile Web Stress: The impact of network speed on emotional engagement and brand perception [REPORT]

I'm very excited to announce that, today at Radware, we're releasing our latest report: a pioneering neuroscientific study into the behaviour and perceptions of...

REPORT: 2013 State of the Union for Mobile Ecommerce Performance

Mobile users have high expectations. Two out of three shoppers expect pages to load in four seconds or less on their smartphones (and three...

Case Study: Understanding the Impact of Slow Load Times on Shopping Cart Abandonment

Every year, the shopping cart abandonment rate climbs during the holiday season, with analysts expecting to see a peak of 88% in 2013. An estimated one out of five of those carts are abandoned due to slow performance. This post outlines how much retailers lose due to slow checkout pages, four common performance culprits, and what site owners can do to speed up the transaction process for their customers.

REPORT: State of the Union for Ecommerce Web Performance [Fall 2013]

Since we began tracking the performance of the top 500 retail websites back in 2010, web page speed has migrated from the technology fringe...

How to Create a Meaningful Web Performance SLA

A performance SLA is an actionable document that you can use to drive your real user monitoring (RUM) program. Here's how.

What’s the Difference Between ADC Acceleration and WPO Acceleration?

A couple of weeks ago, I used this space to answer the question of how front-end web performance optimization (WPO) solutions complement CDNs. Today,...

Data on Demand: From Smartphones to Tablets, How Mobile Carriers Can Optimize Mobile Services

Mobility is without a doubt, a big part of the IT landscape. As employees increasingly use enterprise applications (such as CRM, ERP...

I Already Use a CDN. Why Do I Need Front-End Performance Optimization?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I encounter. To understand how a front-end web performance optimization (WPO) solution complements a CDN...

REPORT: State of the Union for Ecommerce Page Speed & Web Performance [Summer 2013]

It is a widely held belief that web sites must be getting faster, rather than slower, thanks to the rapid evolution of browsers, devices,...

18 Questions (and Answers) About Google, Site Speed, and SEO

Last month, Google announced that, coming soon, pages that load slowly on mobile devices will be penalized in mobile search. This has led to...

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