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Greening the Data Center: How Server Virtualization Makes Next Generation Data Centers More Energy Efficient

August 5, 2013 — by Lior Cohen2

Let’s recall exactly how server virtualization started and what it’s all about:

In the late 90’s, a company named VMware developed hypervisor technology, and as much as it had immediate appeal, not too many people really understood it and only a select few believed there was a business value associated with the technology.

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How Application Delivery and Security Work Hand-in-Hand

March 29, 2013 — by Nir Ilani1

At first glance, application delivery and security might seem unrelated because they appear to solve and address different challenges from different domains. But a closer look actually reveals that they are entwined. In this post I’ll break down the ways in which application delivery and security work hand-in-hand.

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SDN Focus Shifts to Network Services

March 4, 2013 — by Brad Casemore0

Brad Casemore is Research Director for IDC’s Datacenter Networks practice and is a featured guest blogger.

Cloud computing requires a datacenter network and corresponding network services that are more flexible and responsive than traditional datacenter network architectures. Responding to that need, software-defined networking (SDN) has emerged as a means of realizing network virtualization and network programmability, while also ensuring that the network can deliver the virtualized network and security services that are essential to the provision of scalable multi-tenant services.

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Road-show in APAC: It Was a Hell of a Ride!

December 20, 2012 — by Nir Ilani1

A couple of weeks ago I returned from a business trip to Korea and China where I met with a number of customers and partners from various vertical markets. The most interesting thing about this trip was that these two countries continue to encounter huge increases in their Internet traffic due to steady, on-going online business expansion. The customers I met with included an online payment services company, various leading mobile carriers, a large bank and a cable network operator among others. What I found common to these companies is that almost all of them are considering their next-generation strategy with regards to their data center technologies and operations. And while each customer obviously has a different environment with distinct applications and infrastructures it was clear that they are all keen on delivering one thing – an optimized Web experience.

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How Big Do You Have to be to Afford a Disaster Recovery Solution?

November 20, 2012 — by Yaron Azerual0

The devastation wrought by superstorm Sandy is a stark reminder of just how fragile our environment is versus the power of nature. In just a couple of days, a single storm disrupted the lives of so many people and paralyzed a large number of businesses even days after it passed. In the wake of the storm, one of the questions on my mind is, how can we help businesses remain functional after such a massive hit regardless of their size?

Working for an Application Delivery Controller company, I’m no stranger to disaster recovery. Most often, disaster recovery is initiated by large enterprises that invest big money to build entire backup datacenters with the ability to automatically provide all online services in case their main datacenters become unavailable. A reality faced by many businesses in and around New York after the storm.

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The Radware Executive Exchange 2012: A Recap from Tel Aviv

November 19, 2012 — by Sharon Trachtman2

It’s not everyday you can get 300 intelligent, motivated and successful IT executives all in one place. But this past week at the Radware Executive Exchange, we saw administrators from all over the globe travel to Tel Aviv, Israel to discuss the latest application delivery controllers, data center evolution and attack mitigation offerings from Radware.

In three days, there was a mixture of IT presentations, as well as a number of breakout sessions, where customers could see the latest technology and tools offered by Radware, first hand.

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What VMware’s Acquisition of Nicira Tells Us About OpenFlow

August 6, 2012 — by Lior Cohen6

It’s been hard to ignore all the talk around the datacenter industry since July 23rd when VMware announced their definitive agreement to acquire Nicira. Oracle followed VMware, recently announcing that it will acquire Xsigo. Overall, it seems like there are tectonic moves in the datacenter space – big vendors are stacking up. With these different acquisitions, VMware seems to be aiming at becoming the do-all virtualization software platform, and Oracle seems to be closing all the gaps in their product portfolio to offer a complete, business application optimized data center platform. Top that with the Cisco UCS idea (not new), adding Compute to their portfolio, which seems to be succeeding but still a major move in the way people buy datacenters, it truly shows how things are different than the way they used to be when HP and IBM were fighting head-to-head.

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A Better Way to Deploy Applications in Today’s Data Centers (Part 2)

July 17, 2012 — by Meryl Robin6

As I started discussing in my last post on the topic, a vADC per aApplication and application shaping tools provides the best solution for ADC deployments. This approach guarantees the applications SLA, and provides agile, scalable, cost effective solution with an application-centric approach. A vADC per Application plus the shaping tools enhance the core values of the ADC and provides a better solution.

With a vADC per App, we can guarantee the applications SLA. Resources are reserved and guaranteed per vADC, and applications don’t compete over shared resources, which results in predictable performance of each application. This enables us to scale application resources without impacting other applications.

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Key Trends Impacting the Next-Gen Data Center – Part 3

July 11, 2012 — by Nir Ilani0

In the two former parts of my blog series, I shed light on the key trends impacting the next-generation data center, including consolidation and virtualization. In this post, I’d like to complete the full picture and talk about the rest of the trends – connectivity, convergence and green IT. So here we go: