6 Scary Things You Should Know About the Speed of Your Website [INFOGRAPHIC]


In the spirit (um, no pun intended) of this spooky season, we came up with this set of infographics to illustrate some scary stats around ecommerce performance. Try sharing these with a colleague to see if you can give them a fright. You know, as an alternative to leaving a fake severed hand on their desk. 😉

Infographic: Spooky web performance stats



  1. That is mainly due to web sites adapting to provide rich user experience and obviously loaded with more effects like on mouse over product previews, too many banners and more user friendly menu.

  2. After poor server performance, we typically see external resources being the primary reason for slow sites. Render blocking javascripts in many flavours, and fonts that load too slow and require a redraws are frequent causes of 1-2 second delays.

  3. Lots of things contribute to slower sites:

    •Bad or no server tuning as a side-effect of the decline of traditional systems administrator skillsets in favor of “DevOps”
    • The proliferation of oversold cloud services
    • Sloppy code practices
    • New languages which incur an outrageous amount of overhead
    • Poor asset optimization or a total lack thereof
    • Way too many pixel trackers (seriously, how many analytics sites does one company need?)
    • Other external assets which cannot be pipelined

    And that’s just off the top of my head. Add to that poorly optimized TLS, which is often running from servers with an outdated base OS that doesn’t support IW10, and you’ve got yourselves a tragically slow website. It’s kinda shocking how few people seem to know how to tune these days.


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