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Do Hackers Have It Easy?

September 19, 2017 — by Shira Sagiv0


Hackers got it easy. At least, it feels like it. They are in a growing “industry” with many, almost endless, targets to choose from. They have access to new tools and techniques, services that make it easy for them to launch an attack and lots of information and personal data at their fingertips. All of that is available today on the Darknet, and you don’t need to be a sophisticated hacker to get access and start “enjoying” it all.


Protecting Cloud-Based Applications – Not What You Thought

March 28, 2017 — by Shira Sagiv0


So you’ve finally made the move and deployed one of your business applications in the cloud.  You picked a leading public cloud provider (Amazon Web Services or Microsoft Azure) thinking this will get you the peace of mind you are looking for.  Well that’s almost too good to be true.  While there are many advantages with hosting applications in the cloud to improve overall efficiency and expand business opportunities – securing your applications in the cloud is more complicated.  As you migrate or deploy more and more applications in the cloud, you are facing a more distributed network that splits across multiple cloud providers and your organization’s private network.


Is Your Organization In the Ring of Fire?

March 17, 2016 — by Shira Sagiv0


Schools are getting more sophisticated; there is no doubt about it. My kids recently had an "emergency study exercise" in grade-school where they needed to log in to the school system from home and participate in an online classroom, listen to a session and answer some questions.  The idea was to see if the school was prepared for emergency situations, where the kids couldn’t attend school for some reason, but they could continue studying remotely.  I thought that was pretty cool. 

I also learned recently about a high school in our area where all the classroom activity is conducted online.  The students have no books, no notebooks – only their laptop. 


Is Your Organization Prepared for Cyber Attacks? The 2015-2016 Global Application & Network Security Report

January 19, 2016 — by Shira Sagiv3


Few organizations are well prepared when it comes to cyber-attacks.

Blending statistical research and front-line experience, and with more than 20 industries represented, Radware’s new 2015-2016 Global Application & Network Security Report reflects this.  The report outlines findings and analysis from our 2015 industry survey, reflects our Emergency Response Team’s (ERT) in-the-trenches experiences fighting cyber-attacks, and incorporates the perspectives of two 3rd party service providers.


Protecting Your Applications Everywhere – Are You in Good Hands?

April 28, 2015 — by Shira Sagiv2

Cloud migration – one of the top trends this past year and predicted by many to be a top trend in 2015 – brings with it many benefits to the organization.  You can enjoy cost savings, scalability, flexibility, and productivity benefits for your organization, your customers and your partners.  Regardless of the industry they belong to, today’s enterprises are finding that the cost and speed advantages of cloud cannot be ignored.

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Read this List and Check it Twice — How to Protect Your Retail Business From Cyber-Attacks This Shopping Season

November 25, 2014 — by Shira Sagiv1

As consumers are getting their shopping lists ready for the biggest shopping days of the year, businesses should get ready as well.  Cyber-attacks, and most notably DDoS attacks, are more likely to occur on high traffic days – in fact, according to a 2013 eCommerce Cyber Crime Report conducted by the Ponemon Institute, 64% of respondents say "their organizations have seen an increase in Internet fraud and/or website attacks on high traffic days such as Cyber Monday."