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Security Posture Drift: Thinking Old School

February 4, 2013 — by Charles Kolodgy0

Charles Kolodgy is a Research Vice President for IDC’s Security Products service and is a featured guest blogger.

Security can’t be set and forgotten because the conditions are in flux.  Products are updated and threats evolve as attackers find new ways to exploit technology or to bypass existing security.  Examples of new attack methods have been identified in Radware’s 2012 Global Application and Network Security Report.  Attackers are utilizing Server-based botnets more than ever and the sophistication and severity of attacks in general increased significantly in 2012. Server-based botnets give attackers a much bigger bang for the buck.  A DDoS attack using servers instead of client-based bots is like hitting someone with a 50 pound bag at once instead of pelting someone with hundreds of bean bags.  Regarding sophistication, using Radware’s APT score, the number of attacks scoring 7 or higher (out of 10) increased 150% (58% in 2012 compared to 23% in 2011).