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ERT Alert: Massive #OpIsrael Attack Set for April 7

April 2, 2013 — by Eyal Benishti3

According to a March 19th post on the Solidarite avec la Palestine Facebook page, multiple hacker groups are joining hands to launch a massive attack on Israeli cyberspace. AnonGhost, one of the campaign initiators, has announced that the attack will be launched on April 7th with the objective of disconnecting Israel from the Internet. Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) is currently monitoring the situation closely.

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Inside the World of Hacker Reconnaissance

March 19, 2013 — by Eyal Benishti1

The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell once stated, "Before anything else, preparation is the key to success." Unfortunately, it appears that attackers launching DoS/DDoS attacks have embraced this line of thought and invested their efforts in reconnaissance and meticulous preparation during the "pre-attack" phase. Drawing from attacks handled by our Emergency Response Team (ERT), Radware recently conducted research on the ways in which pre-attack planning and detailed preparation dramatically increases the potency and success rate of attacks.

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Shooting From Behind the Fence

February 8, 2013 — by Eyal Benishti0

Can You Stay Anonymous While Participating in a DDoS Attack?
Taking part in a Hacktivist group is completely different than being part of a Botnet. In a Botnet, case participants are unknowingly “recruited” to an attack. In the Hacktivist group, case members take part in attack activities on their own accord.
Just this past month, Anonymous hackers in London were jailed for a series of DDoS attacks on PayPal and other payment services such as Visa and MasterCard.