Jack Sorci

With over 35 years of experience in technology and communications companies, Jack brings extensive direct and indirect executive sales and marketing management expertise, working with both early-stage and mature organizations. In several companies, Jack worked on mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures and strategic business development in his executive roles as an officer of these companies. Jack is currently Vice President of Global Business Development at Radware working to transition the company towards growth multiples thru strategic OEM relationships. These alliances include: Cisco, Symantec, Checkpoint, McAfee, Nokia, IBM, SAP and Ericsson. This activity has contributed significant growth across enterprises and services providers and as a result, Radware is now positioned with the most important partners in their markets.

The Cyber Threat Alliance – Stopping Attackers in their Tracks

When you think about the future of threat intelligence, we can all agree that threats morph, constantly. Sophisticated new botnets, the increase in DDoS-as-a-Service...