Jared Stauffer

Jared Stauffer is the founder and CEO of Brinkster. In early 1999 Jared started Brinkster while in college. Through Jared’s leadership and technology expertise Brinkster was as an early pioneer in the hyper scale and high availability hosting industry. Today Brinkster is a leading provider of custom Cloud infrastructure as a service, with over 50,000 customers in 175 countries worldwide. Their industry leading solutions deliver cutting edge performance, higher utilization rates, and lower TCO (total cost of ownership). Before starting Brinkster, Jared was a consultant at Intel, Lehman Brothers and several emerging startup companies. Jared has a Bachelor of Arts degree from Grand Canyon University and an Executive MBA, with an emphasis in management and leadership, from the Ken Blanchard College of Business at GCU.

My Experience at the Radware Executive Exchange 2013

Jared Stauffer is the founder and CEO of Brinkster and is a featured guest blogger. I have often joked with people that if you wanted...