Julie Igorevna

As the Partner Marketing Manager for Radware, Julie helps execute the company’s channel marketing strategy. She brings her vast channel experience from working in various consulting roles as well as different verticals in the technology industry. Her diverse marketing knowledge spans all aspects of program development, strategic relationship management, partner enablement and demand generation programs that drive business and scale revenue through partners and alliances. Her motto is “Always maintain eternal positive attitude to get the job done”.

Oncore and Radware Partnership: Revolutionizing the Digital Transformation Landscape

The new partnership with industry leaders Oncore and Radware will help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals.

A Conversation with Mark Houpt, CISO of Radware Partner DataBank

One of the many benefits that comes from working at Radware is the opportunity to work with cybersecurity professionals whose empirical experience protecting organizations from cyber threats and attacks presents a treasure trove of insightful and highly useful information. Mark A. Houpt, the CISO of data center provider and longtime Radware partner DataBank Holdings, Ltd. (DataBank), is a perfect example.

Radware’s New Partners Program Focuses on Cloud Business and Accelerates Incentives

A partner program is measured by how beneficial it is for both parties. Beneficial is the perfect word to describe Radware’s upgraded,...

Ukraine’s Response to Cyber Threats a Model in DDoS Prevention

With the disruption, loss of life and heartbreaking images that the Russia-Ukraine conflict has produced, it is easy to overlook what it has meant to the cyber threat landscape. Even threat actors have taken sides.