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Michael Osterman

Michael Osterman is the principal of Osterman Research, Inc., founded in 2001. Since that time, the company has become one of the leading analyst firms in the messaging and collaboration space, providing research, analysis, white papers and other services to companies like Dell EMC, Quest, Proofpoint, Trend Micro, Mimecast, Micro Focus, Malwarebytes and many others. Prior to founding Osterman Research, Michael was the Vice President of Market Research at Creative Networks, a leading market research and consulting firm focused on the messaging and directory markets. Michael has also held positions with the SRI International Business Intelligence Center, Ryan Hankin Kent, ElectroniCast and Gnostic Concepts. His background includes research and analysis of various markets, including computer-aided software engineering, data communications, telecommunications, and fiber optic components.

3 “desconexões” de segurança que precisam ser resolvidas

A Osterman Research realizou recentemente uma pesquisa internacional abrangente com tomadores de decisões e influenciadores da área de segurança de grandes organizações....