Radware Customers


Radware Customers Provide Insightful Tips for Women Interested in a Cybersecurity Career

Radware has the unique opportunity to work with many women in technology and cybersecurity. So, to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we turned to our customers — in this case, women — who continually provide us with interesting, insightful responses to questions we present to them. In this case, we asked them to provide advice and suggestions for women who are interested in working in technology and cybersecurity.

“What I Wish I Would Have Known About Cloud Security Prior to our Cloud Migration”

We like to query Radware customers on an array of cybersecurity subjects because we always receive insightful, interesting and, perhaps most importantly, educational responses. You’ll see that this month is no different.

“How will the Uber Breach Verdict Affect the CISO Role in the Future?”

A Uber breach verdict was handed down that could prove highly impactful to CISOs and CSOs in the near and distant future.