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Threat Researchers Live: Ep 18

Tune in to watch our Threat Researchers discuss in detail the threat landscape and what to prepare for.

What is Cybersecurity and Why It’s Important 

A good security strategy helps businesses reduce the chance of falling victim to data theft while also ensuring shared data is kept secure.

2022 Cyber Predictions: Preparing for Future Security Challenges

This massive shift to the clouds and edges will continue through 2022 and beyond, affecting enterprise security. Our experts have reflected on the trends of this year and have come up with the following predictions for 2022. 

Radware Threat Researchers Live: Ep.17

Learn about the log4j vulnerability and how a 6-year-old JDNI exploit became urgent overnight. That, and much more

Five Benefits of Integrating Bot Management with Your CDN

CDNs have proven to be the best option for enterprises and other organizations that need to provide Web content and services quickly and efficiently to their customers.

Radware Threat Researchers Live: Ep.16

Special guest Mathieu Huysman, share about online game hacking with our hosts Pascal Geenens and Daniel Smith.

7 Capabilities Every Web Application Firewall Should Provide

Web application protection that automatically adapts to application changes and evolving threats for applications.

Q3 Quarterly Report of DDoS and Application Attacks

Radware’s Quarterly DDoS and Application Attack Report provides an overview of attack activity witnessed during the third quarter of 2021.

Radware Threat Researchers Live: Ep.15

Tune in and watch our Threat Research team break down last month's threat landscape and discuss what the latest threat actors are up to.

Understanding Cloud Permissions and How to Control Excessive Permissions

Key challenges of managing permissions in the cloud is that it provides additional types of permissions that are not observed in premise based environments.