The State of Web Application Security 2019

This report details current perceptions about the state of application attacks, security practices and the impact of the transition to microservice architectures.

Cloud WAF Application Analytics

Radware's Cloud WAF Application Analytics optimizes Cloud WAF security policies, increases visibility into cyber defenses, streamlines reporting & more.

A Healthy Bot Management Strategy

The quality of bot detection determines the quality of the solution. And as bots become ever more sophisticated, detection becomes ever more challenging.

Why In-House Bot Management Solutions Are Unreliable

In-house bot management solutions struggle to understand distinctive user behavior, and result in false positives and negatives.

Application Delivery Challenges for DevOps

Application development now requires NetOps and SecOps to work together, thereby putting increased stress on developers and engineers.

How Bots Use APIs to Infiltrate the Online World

APIs can be highly vulnerable, making them frequent attack targets. And they play a major role and fuel major risks when it comes to bot management.

Meet the Four Generations of Bots

With the escalating race between bot developers and security experts -- along with the increasing use of Javascript and HTML5 web technologies -- bots have evolved significantly from their origins as simple scripting tools that used command line interfaces.

5 Simple Bot Management Techniques

When it comes to detection and mitigation, security and medical treatment have more in common than you may think. Both require careful evaluation of the risks, trade-offs and implications of false positives and false negatives.

Ultimate Guide to Bot Management

This e-book provides an overview of evolving bot threats, outlines options for detection and mitigation and offers a concise buyer’s guide to help evaluate potential bot management solutions.