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Application Security in 2021

Organizations struggle to maintain visibility & consistency of security policies across new platforms, architectures & technologies.

Radware & Yeshiva University Partner for Online Learning Program

Radware has partnered with Yeshiva University to teach college students practical cybersecurity courses centered around Radware’s solutions.

7 Capabilities Every Web Application Firewall Should Provide

Here are 7 characteristics to look for when evaluating a WAF.

5 Ways ADCs Simplify Applications’ Transition to the Cloud

Adopting a heterogenous cloud environment results in lack of continuity for management, security and reporting. Here's how ADCs can help.

The 2020 App Threats Landscape in Review

As more organizations place a priority on application development, production and hosting, new vulnerabilities and threats emerge.

Radware Threat Researchers Live: Episode 7

DNS over HTTPS (DoH), Bitcoin and its impact on the threat landscape, ransom DDoS, MFA vs. pass-the-cookie attacks, and Solarwinds.

2020-2021 State of Web Application & API Protection

This report examines organizations’ level of awareness and visibility of application security & sheds light on different use cases.

DDoS Response Guide

Following the steps outlined in this guide allows you to minimize the impact of the attack, recovery quickly & ensure it won't happen again.

Enhancing Customer Application Security: A Case Study

Here's how BG Unified Solutions enhanced its customer application security with Radware’s Cloud WAF Integrated with Bot Manager.

Clouds and Edges Lead to New Security Challenges in 2021

This massive shift to the clouds and edges will continue through 2021 and beyond, and have a major effect on enterprise security.