Sharon Shirit

Sharon Shirit is a Director of Product Management in Radware's security group, responsible for the company's DDoS product line. Sharon has extensive experience in network and cyber security. Her expertise includes engineering, and securing various environments, including datacenter, network infrastructure, cloud services and cloud migration. Prior to this role, Sharon was a Security Product Manager leading major Security innovations, and now as the Director of Product, she is leading the product team and in charge of product design, strategy, and roadmap. Sharon holds a B.Sc. degree Summa Cum Laude in Communication Systems Engineering and M.Sc. degree Summa Cum Laude from Ben-Gurion University.

The Power of 2: Why 2-Tier DDoS Protection is Critical for Your Business

A 2-tier DDoS solution combining on-premises and cloud-based protection is the best practice recommended by industry experts, such as Gartner. By utilizing both solutions, organizations can benefit from the strengths of each, including the ability to mitigate attacks closer to the source with on-premises protection and the scalability and flexibility of cloud-based protection.

DNS Security, A Never-Ending Story

Attackers have developed techniques that exploit the DNS’ infrastructure weaknesses. But what makes DNS such an attractive attack vector?