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Sharon Trachtman

Sharon Trachtman serves as Radware’s Chief Business Operation Officer , where she focuses on driving strategic business initiatives across various functions of the company. She develops framework for the future scalability of the company and focuses on driving growth around public cloud solutions. Ms. Trachtman’s efforts center around the evaluation and improvement of the customer experience, improving business processes through digital transformation, cross-functional metrics and KPIs. Ms. Trachtman has been with company since its inception in 1997. Prior to her current role, she served as Chief Marketing Officer, where she brought 18 years of leadership to the global marketing organization.

Protection fluide des applications dans un monde en migration vers le Cloud

La migration vers le Cloud et le déploiement d’applications sont des processus dynamiques qui se déroulent sur plusieurs années – les environnements hybrides ne sont jamais vraiment statiques. La protection des environnements hybrides représente un défi croissant, car de nouvelles applications sont constamment créées et les anciennes sont modernisées et/ou transférées vers le Cloud.