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Siddharth Deb

Siddharth is a Senior Content Developer at Radware's Bot Management group. He has worked with over 150 organizations across a diverse range of industries over the past decade and a half, writing research articles, blogs, scripts, white papers, web content and much more. Siddharth has a BBA from UT Arlington, and is a passionate motorcyclist who regularly rides to his favorite destinations.

Credential Stuffing Attack on LastPass

Some users of LastPass, the password management tool, recently reported getting emails from the service stating that their master passwords had been compromised and that unusual credential stuffing attempts had been noticed. Though this turned out to be just a scare, this incident reiterates the need for effective bot management to strengthen data security.

4 Questions to Ask About Open Banking Compliance

Bot attacks on websites & applications are a well-known threat. But crucial APIs, including those used for Open Banking, are increasingly being targeted.

Stop Bots From Taking a Bite Out of Your Marketing Spend

Marketing fraud is a growing problem for online businesses in every industry.

The Growing Threat of Payment Fraud for Online Retailers

The best way to stop payment fraud is to stop cyber criminals right at the outset ─ as soon as they visit your site.