Tammy Everts

As a former senior researcher, writer, and solution evangelist for Radware, Tammy Everts spent years researching the technical, business, and human factor sides of web/application performance. Before joining Radware, Tammy shared her research findings through countless blog posts, presentations, case studies, whitepapers, articles, reports, and infographics for Strangeloop Networks.

See What Your Users See, Now: How to Harness the Power of Real User Monitoring

Over the past few years, real user monitoring (RUM) has evolved from an arcane topic discussed only by the geekiest of geeks to a subject that’s on almost every site owner’s lips. Yet despite its new buzzword status, the RUM adoption rate remains low -- as low as 20%, according to one survey -- and operationalizing all this great user data remains virtually non-existent. Here's how your company can learn to embrace this extraordinarily powerful tool.

Are top VC-backed sites getting slower? New findings suggest they are.

Recently, someone asked me if VC-backed sites still outperform other sites, and I thought it was high time to revisit this question.

iPhone speed test findings: Faster processor doesn’t equal huge performance boost

A video that demonstrates how upgrading your mobile device doesn't necessarily deliver the massive performance boost that some users believe it will.

Sneak peek: This is your brain on the mobile web

We strapped EEG devices to the heads of mobile users to see what's going on when people encounter slow web pages. Here's a peek of what that looks like.

How to Create a Meaningful Web Performance SLA

A performance SLA is an actionable document that you can use to drive your real user monitoring (RUM) program. Here's how.

The Slow Web: Why fast is important… and why it isn’t

Faster is better... or is it? Regardless of what type of internet user you are, the Slow Web Movement can benefit us all.

What’s the Difference Between ADC Acceleration and WPO Acceleration?

A couple of weeks ago, I used this space to answer the question of how front-end web performance optimization (WPO) solutions complement CDNs. Today,...

The most popular web performance posts of 2013 (so far)

I'm off for a couple of weeks of R&R. I'll be back after Labour Day and fully charged up for what looks to be an action-packed fall and some very exciting news on the research and development front. I'm leaving you with some posts to check out if you missed them the first time around. This is a roundup of the top ten most-read posts of 2013. Enjoy!

A video most of us can relate to

I don't usually pimp product on this blog, but this video is too good not to share. The laugh-out-loud moment happens at 1:10.

I Already Use a CDN. Why Do I Need Front-End Performance Optimization?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions I encounter. To understand how a front-end web performance optimization (WPO) solution complements a CDN...