Uri Dorot


Never Trust Your Application’s Supply Chain with Security

To understand why the application supply chain is an area that should not be overlooked, we must first understand the current cyber threat landscape and how modern applications are built.

360° Application Protection — The Shift to Best-of-Suite Solutions

For many, the greatest concern they have about migrating their application environment to the cloud is what it may mean to their attack surface. Their concern is valid. No question, the cloud has expanded it.

The Problem of Badly Configured Web Application Firewalls

Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) have become a critical first line of application defense. Yet configuring and managing them in multi-cloud and on-prem...

A Radware Minute – New Video Series

What is a WAAP? What is API Protection? What is Cross-Site Scripting? What is Web Scraping? The world of cyber security and application protection in...