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STOP the Finger Pointing: App vs. Network

September 19, 2012 — by Yaron Azerual6

Written by: Meryl Robin, Director of Virtual Solutions, Radware Inc and Yaron Azerual, Product Marketing Manager, Radware Inc.

The challenges of application slowdown: Identify where the slowdown occurs and why. Give your users unmatched QoE and routinely meet the highest level of SLA

We should discuss what the main goal for deploying an ADC is: 95% of the time, it is to enforce increasingly more stringent application SLA’s. To achieve this, we have to consider improving application availability, whether you’re solving local server failure with local server load balancing or fixing global downtime through GSLB with a DR site. It’s also important to improve performance by offloading some of the CPU intensive tasks from the server to the ADC, like SSL, compression, or even smart caching (dynamic caching for even faster response time of the application).

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Generating More Business with Faster Web Applications, Accelerated by FastView™

June 26, 2012 — by Yaron Azerual1

Here is a trivia question to all of you website owners or web application administrators: could your online business do better if your website would perform better… always?

Not many are aware what a one second faster response time of a web application can do for their online business. According to KissMetrics, a web measurement company, a one second faster page load time can result in a 7% conversion rate and corresponding revenues. Also, a major research firm reported that a one second faster load time can increase page views by 11% and decrease abandonment rates by 16%.

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Hot Topics at the Cloud Computing Conference

May 17, 2012 — by Yaron Azerual3

A couple of weeks ago I was asked to speak at the Cloud Computing Conference in Tel Aviv to present the Radware cloud ready Virtual Application Delivery Fabric. With some luck, I had a fortuitous meeting with the conference organizer prior to the event. I was able to discern the hot issue for the attendee base: security. The reason was clear as a prominent website suffered a highly publicized series of cyber attacks just prior to the convention.

Why fortuitous you ask? It gave me the chance to understand attendees’ interest in security, and in turn use the
opportunity to explain how ADC virtualization should be done differently in the cloud than in the private data center.

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If You’re on the Highway to the Cloud, Make Sure You Pack the Right ADC to Take You There

August 15, 2011 — by Yaron Azerual0

After recently reading about VMware’s view on the evolution of IT towards cloud services, or as they call it the “journey to the cloud,” I would like to share a few insights about how application delivery controllers (ADC) should fit in this journey.

The whole idea in transforming traditional IT services into a self provisioning cloud is built on two foundations:

  1. Virtualizing the infrastructure that provides IT applications and services
  2. Automating the processes that take place every time a new application is rolled out or an existing application is updated (e.g. moved to a new server, needs to provide more capacity, etc.)