Featured Authors

Pascal Geenens

Security Evangelist

Daniel Smith

ERT Researcher

Anna Convery-Pelletier

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike O’Malley

Vice President, Carrier Strategy & Business Development

Prakash Sinha

Vice President, ADC Solutions

Ben Zilberman

Product Marketing Manager, Security

Ron Meyran

Director, Alliances Marketing

Ron Winward

Security Evangelist

Eyal Arazi

Product Marketing Manager


Additional Contributors

Yotam Ben-Ezra

Director, Security Product Management

Samuel Bercovici

Director, Product Management

Michael Groskop

Director, Web Application Security

Nir Ilani

Director, Product Management, Cloud Security

Lior Rozen

Director, Technologies

Shira Sagiv

Director, Security Product Marketing

Sharon Trachtman

Chief Business Operations Officer

Travis Volk

Technical VP, Global Business Development & Carrier Sales

Yaron Azerual

Product Marketing Manager

Louis Scialabba

Director, Carrier Solutions Marketing

Haim Zelikovsky

Vice President, Cloud Services Business


Guest Authors

David Monahan

Research Director – EMA

Brad Casemore

Research Director, Datacenter Networks – IDC

Jim Frey

Vice President of Research, Network Management – EMA

Charles Kolodgy

Research Vice President, Security Products – IDC

Jared Stauffer

CEO and Founder – Brinkster