Thoughts after my week at AWS re:Invent 2013 Conference


Last week, I was able to attend AWS re:Invent, and it was great. Not only was I able to attend one of the largest events for cloud computing, but I also learned about innovative technology powering the AWS eco-system, I met great people such as AWS customers, AWS partners and AWS personnel. Most importantly, I was there to speak about Radware’s Alteon VA for the AWS Marketplace.

There is no doubt that AWS put a lot of effort to make the point that the AWS cloud is enterprise ready, and that enterprises not moving to the cloud are making a big mistake. The “Amazonians” have introduced new services directly targeted towards the enterprises such as WorkSpaces DaaS, SAML 2.0 identity federation with IAM, improved cross region snapshot options and more. They have also made significant efforts to flesh out how reliable, secure and economical their platform is by diving deep into areas such as provisioned IOPS, VPC application deployments and the security of the AWS cloud.

The AWS team have also been more direct in attacking their competition, be it other cloud providers who were taken head on in the event or other “Old Guard” technology companies representing the private cloud motion – Andy Jassy totally dismissed the notion of private clouds. The following picture best illustrates AWS’s take on private cloud:


However I think one sentence said by Andy Jassy during the conference that resonated with me is the following:

“… the question is not whether it will all move to the cloud. The questions are how fast and what first.”

I want to analyze this sentence and outline what it means for those Radware customers, who I am responsible in helping understand how they can benefit from cloud computing and improve their business, by running their applications better.

So is this a small announcement by one of the cloud computing vendors out there? Yes, but it is way more than that. It’s been reported that AWS is now five times the size of other cloud vendors combined and speculation suggests that AWS will turn this into a $50B business in two years. So if enterprises want to benefit from the attributed outlined in the illustration above, they will likely develop new applications and migrate existing applications to the AWS cloud.

One of the things that we do best in Radware is deliver high SLA applications to end users helping enterprises better rely on their application infrastructure to run their business. This isn’t going to change. What is so unique about how we do this is:

(1) We provide deep visibility into web application transactions using our APM technology continuously allowing organizations to see how well their applications run.

(2) We provide tools to accelerate web applications dramatically using our FastView technology

(3) We enable this functionality across isolated and dedicated physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures.

These attributes are extremely important when running applications in the cloud.  The first two are a “no brainer” with cloud in general, and the AWS global cloud, you run applications everywhere and you want them to perform well regardless. The third attribute is becoming more of a reality using the cloud as AWS introduces features such as provisioned IOPS, high speed network performance for instances and other VPC related enhancements.

Together the three attributes of Alteon NG as listed above help our customers more confidently deploy applications in the cloud and benefit from the cloud attributes while protecting the investment they have made and will be making in fully owned private datacenters.


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