My Perspective: E-Crime Congress — “Are You Ready for the Next Generation of DDoS Attacks?”


Last week, I had the opportunity to present on behalf of Radware at the Annual e-Crime Congress in Frankfurt, Germany.  This event is one of the region’s largest meetings of senior information risk and security professionals and Radware held a panel presentation for those who were in attendance.

During this panel we discussed findings from the latest study from the Radware ERT team.  Backed with current incidents and data, participants discussed what and how things have changed, what the impacts are, and what damages result from cyber-attacks.

We also reviewed attack motivations. Why are current solutions no longer protecting against attacks?  What kind of technology is required to protect organizations against future attacks?

Key findings presented at e-Crime Congress revealed:

  • 81% of the organizations are currently not prepared for a DDoS attack
  • DDoS became one of the top 3 reasons for data center outages in 2013
  • The cost for a single data center outage based on DDoS was $822,000
  • More than 60% of DDoS attacks in 2013 are application/L7-based attacks
  • Cloud-based solutions are not protecting against SSL-based and “low and slow” attacks

In my presentation below, I review more of the findings and provide an evaluation of the current landscape.  I invite you to download it and review it.

[slideshare id=30676217&doc=radwareecrimenextgenddosams-140131115508-phpapp02]

As a customer it is very important that you carefully select the right solution and vendor for DDoS protection.  The following criteria may help guide you in your selection:

  • How long is the company in the DDoS and Cyber Attack mitigation business?
  • What kind of tools and technology are they using to protect and mitigate?
  • Can they protect against the new generation of attacks, such as “low and slow” attacks on Layer 7?
  • What is their answer to SSL based attacks?

It’s important to select the right vendor and ensure that the chosen solution meets your needs and protects the network from a dangerous landscape.


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