Coming to the OpenStack Summit in Paris? Join my seminars


Infrastructure-as-a-Service based clouds and, in particular, OpenStack have matured.  This state of maturity involves “enterprise-grade” capabilities, in terms of features and manageability, which can be delivered as a service.  This, and many other topics, will be discussed and analyzed at length during next week’s OpenStack Summit in Paris, where I have the pleasure of speaking at two seminars.

My first session,  Load Balancing as a Service v2.0 – Juno and Beyond  on Monday, November 3rd will share information about the new capabilities expected from LBaaS v2.0 and the delivery plan for Juno and going forward.

Advancements have transitioned load balancers from “pure” networking gear to a solution that is incorporated in application that requires scalability and availability.  Radware is contributing to this and is working with the OpenStack community to define Load Balancing as a Service (LBaaS) APIs and capabilities, so that tenants can use load balancing as part of “business critical” application running in an OpenStack cloud.

End-to-end application orchestration that includes networking (L2-L7) is another step in the transition of organization from a manual driven process to a fully automated process.  The LBaaS tenant-facing APIs enable the inclusion of load balancing functionality as part of the overall automation scenarios a reality. Load Balancing as a Service also enables seamless adjusting of application resources to changing demands by scaling in and scaling out of the application resources.

In my second session Application and Network Orchestration Using HEAT & TOSCA also on November 3rd, attendees will learn about incorporating network orchestration using OpenStack HEAT and TOSCA as well as comparing HEAT and TOSCA in deploying and scaling a WordPress-based application.

The OpenStack summit is sure to include interesting insight on deploying, operating and using OpenStack and tracks Costumers, Service Providers, Integrators and Independent Solutions Vendors.   If you’re interested in learning more about Radware’s LBaaS solution, I also invite you to download our cloud load balancing e-book which covers key points related to deployment.


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