Application Delivery & Protection For the Multi-Cloud Era


With over 90% of organizations adopting a multi-cloud strategy, the challenge of providing a consistent application delivery and protection solution across public and private clouds poses a heavy burden on them.

Indeed, as organizations shift to the cloud, new challenges arise because their application portfolio gets scattered across multiple environments — each with its own interfaces, set of tools, and native networking application delivery and security solutions. This affects many personas within the organization – such as NetOps, SecOps, application developers, and DevOps – who all need to master new solutions with variants per cloud environment and deliver a consistent service.

Moreover, managing application performance and health, and gaining visibility becomes more complex when the application portfolio is spread across multiple environments, with no standard format or reporting tool.

Watch the clip below to learn how Radware’s Alteon Multi cloud helps organizations optimize application delivery and protection across multi-cloud environments at the push of a button, while protecting their investment in their transition to the cloud.

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