Threat Researchers Live: Ep 19

Pascal Geenens and Daniel Smith discuss recent and notable security events like the Russian/Ukrainian cyber conflict.

Is DDoS a Crime?

The security industry fails to regulate blatant criminal activity, and the nation seems to be rewarding bad behavior with attention.

DDoS Protection in the Age of 5G Networks, Edge Computing and Explosive Bandwidth Growth

Service providers need a DDoS security solution to support new infrastructure innovations while overcoming the explosive growth in DDoS attack intensity and sophistication of phantom flood attacks.

With Great 5G Power Comes Great Responsibility  

With this new infrastructure in place, services that previously could not be adopted on a large scale will now begin to emerge.

Application Modernization: The Security Implications of Binding Old and New Together 

Application modernization enables an organization to protect its investments and refresh its software portfolio across the business environment

How to Keep APIs Secure from Bot Cyberattacks

Application programming interfaces (APIs) have emerged as the bridge to facilitate communication between different application architectures.

Top Things to Look for in DDoS Protection

The shift to the public cloud has resulted in applications being exposed to a larger attack surface and an expanding array of vulnerabilities.

Radware Named a Leader in WAF Market by Quadrant Knowledge Solutions

Radware has been at the forefront of these efforts, providing a state-of-the-art Web Application Firewall (WAF) that enables organizations to fully protect their web applications and sensitive customer data, without sacrificing the agility and flexibility required for modern application protection. 

Why Security Officers of Education Establishments Need to Beware

The potential damage that the DDoS attacks could have caused this high school is unthinkable. The attacks could have brought down the majority of the school’s servers. However, unlike many other educational institutions, this particular high school was prepared, and the attack was completely mitigated. 

2021 Cyberthreat Retrospective and Why It Was a Bumpy Ride

2021 was the year where Ransom DoS confirmed its pervasive presence in the DDoS threat landscape.