Revolutionizing DNS Security: Cost-Effective Deployment of DoH for ISPs

DNS over HTTPS (DoH) is a protocol that allows for DNS resolution to occur through an encrypted HTTPS connection. Unlike traditional DNS resolution, which employs unencrypted UDP or TCP connections, DoH provides a heightened level of privacy and security and has been widely adopted by major web browsers and operating systems.

Becoming a highly regarded and appreciated SOC operator — the tools you need in your toolbox

So, you've recently been hired to become a SOC (security operations center) manager for a major organization. You are obviously very excited. You're told that your role is to monitor — at all times — the organization to ensure it isn’t and won’t experience any cyber attacks.

Radware Customers Provide Insightful Tips for Women Interested in a Cybersecurity Career

Radware has the unique opportunity to work with many women in technology and cybersecurity. So, to celebrate International Women’s Day 2023, we turned to our customers — in this case, women — who continually provide us with interesting, insightful responses to questions we present to them. In this case, we asked them to provide advice and suggestions for women who are interested in working in technology and cybersecurity.

Terabit DDoS Attacks Need State-of-the-Art Terabit DDoS Mitigation — Are you ready?

The impact of these hyper volumetric DDoS attacks can be devastating — they cause extended downtime, financial losses and reputational damage. That’s why it’s critical that organizations are prepared to detect and mitigate these vicious attacks with a state-of-the-art mitigation on-prem platform.

Aite-Novarica Names Radware’s Bot Manager Solution Best-In-Class

The Aite Matrix: Leading Bot Detection and Management Provders report shows Radware as the leader among the ten vendors Aite-Novarica evaluated.

5 Reasons For the Shortage of Cybersecurity Professionals

The following are 5 key reasons that there aren't enough cybersecurity professionals to keep organizations safe from today's array of threats.

The Dark Side of Microservices: Are Your Applications Secure?

Microservices, which break down applications into smaller, independent services, offer numerous benefits, and using Kubernetes as the go-to for orchestration has only made them more popular.

How Service Providers are Using Radware Kubernetes Web and API Protection (KWAAP) Validated on Red Hat OpenShift to Elevate Microservices Security

Using the layered security capabilities of Red Hat OpenShift, Radware Kubernetes Web and API Protection (KWAAP) brings Radware’s carrier-grade security to the era of microservices and Kubernetes-orchestrated frameworks.

Oncore and Radware Partnership: Revolutionizing the Digital Transformation Landscape

The new partnership with industry leaders Oncore and Radware will help businesses achieve their digital transformation goals.

Never Trust Your Application’s Supply Chain with Security

To understand why the application supply chain is an area that should not be overlooked, we must first understand the current cyber threat landscape and how modern applications are built.