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Defending Against the Mirai Botnet

When attacks from the Mirai botnet hit the network in 2016, we all knew something was different. You could feel it. In a 31-day...

The Expansion of IoT since Mirai.

The idea of an Internet of Things (IoT) botnet is nothing new in our industry. In fact, the threat has been discussed for many...

Let’s discuss facts: An insight into Mirai’s source-code

In three massive DDoS attacks, Mirai botnet dazzled the cyber-security industry who long feared the implications of the exponentially growing number of devices connecting...

BusyBox Botnet Mirai – the warning we’ve all been waiting for?

On Tuesday, September 20th around 8:00PM, KrebsOnSecurity.com was the target of a record-breaking 620Gbps volumetric DDoS attack designed to take the site offline. A few days...

Are Decade-Old DoS Tools Still Relevant in 2021?

Decade old tools are still effective and being used by threat actors in a world of easy to build IoT botnets & cheap attack services.

IoT Botnets: Perspectives from a Residential Router

Residential routers face risks from the propagation of IoT botnets and the problem devices present once they are infected.

DNS Security, A Never-Ending Story

Attackers have developed techniques that exploit the DNS’ infrastructure weaknesses. But what makes DNS such an attractive attack vector?

Service Provider Keeps Gamers Playing with Cloud DDoS Protection

This service provider identified an opportunity to provide security services to their customers to ensure network & application availability.

Digital Attacks on Educational Resources

With closures in response to COVID & the looming threat of additional waves, schools have digitally transformed in ways we never could've imagined.

Ghosting Bots: The Story of Hoaxcalls Failures

The Hoaxcalls campaign has provided a number of opportunities to explore the trials & errors in researching, developing, & building a botnet campaign.