Has Anonymous Really Developed an Ubuntu-based Operating System?


Here’s an interesting, new twist to the Anonymous saga:  Someone apparently has developed an Ubuntu distribution with Anonymous iconography and preloaded tools such as HOIC, JTR, Pyloris, SQL Poison, etc.

With 4500+ downloads already it’s still unclear as to who actually authored the O/S.  However, with the reported overhead of supporting the novice followers using BackTrack and other DDoS attack tools it wouldn’t surprise me if this is an attempt to ease the technical support burden of Anonymous.

For those weary of the distribution in fear it may be unsafe, the authors claim it is 100 percent clean.

Whether you believe it is packed with Trojans or not, the point remains that such attack tools are growing simpler so groups like Anonymous can attract less-technical followers. With the increased ease of use in this attack tool, we will likely see significant ramp up of attacks. Now is the time to prepare your perimeter from multi-vectored attacks!


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