From SC Magazine: Roy Zisapel, Radware CEO, Says Flame-Like Vulnerabilities Are Nothing New


Yesterday, SC Magazine published an article by Radware’s president and CEO, Roy Zisapel, addressing the infamous Flame malware. Flame stole headlines over the past month, emerging as the most advanced computer virus ever found and a new level of sophistication in cyber warfare.

In his article, Zisapel recalls a presentation during a DefCon conference in 2009, in which Radware security experts released an IPPON demo-tool called JINX demonstrating how a software update service can install malware on a computer simply by using a laptop and an unsecured WiFi connection.

According to Radware’s Emergency Response Team, Flame spreads across a victim’s organization through a sophisticated ‘Man in the Middle attack’ on the Windows Update service, extracting large volumes of information from its victim, and then sending the information back to its operators.

While Flame might be the first virus of its kind, according to Zisapel, “concern over the vulnerability of unsecured software update services stretches back for some time.”

Visit SC Magazine to learn more about Flame malware and ways that your company can protect itself. You can read the full article here.


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