Radware Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge – Yellow Belt Round


I want to thank everyone for a successful launch of the Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge! People from all over the world participated in the journey to begin the process of understanding where gaps in knowledge may be in “Availability Security” and where to focus future professional education efforts.

We understand that this is particularly important – only 13.5 % of the Challenge participants passed the White Belt round on the first attempt! And nearly 60 percent of participants were unable to identify the most common problem with a cloud scrubbing solution.

Chad Salisbury of Fishnet Security is leading the pack and we wish him luck as only seconds separate him with the his closest competitor! We can’t wait to see the Attack Mitigation Black Belt Champion at Black Hat 2012 US to personally hand the prize winnings over to them.

Today we begin with the second in the series designed to benchmark one’s knowledge in Attack Mitigation. It is designed to evaluate your knowledge of the following:

  • The current threat landscape designed at availability outages to organizations
  • Current information security attack techniques and tools
  • Benefits & limitations to today’s most common security & control-solutions

For those of you just joining the Challenge during the launch of the Yellow Belt phase, it is not too late to start. We’ve designed the Challenge so that it can be taken at any moment throughout the competition – as long as it is completed in serial. Participants begin at the novice or White Belt round, and work their way to the highest level— the Black Belt — by correctly answering each week’s increasingly difficult questions. A score of 9 or above on each round is required to move to the next achievement level.

Knowledge Level AMS Level Targeted Tested Content Quiz Week
Novice White Basic Industry Understanding 18-Jun
Yellow Current Attack Trends 25-Jun
Average Green Attacker Tool Sets & Techniques 2-Jul
Expert Red Anatomy of Availability-Based Attack 9-Jul
Black Next-Generation / Conceptual Attacks 16-Jul

The individuals that proceed through the Challenge with the most complete answers and achieve the fastest times will present at the top of the Leader Board as we move into next week’s round.

Each week, I’ll post announcements, hints and commentary on my blog. Correct answers follow the each section Ready for the Challenge?

Best of luck and please don’t hesitate to reach out to me should you need references for the answers or just have some questions! That’s part of the process!!


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