Security Week Article: The Need for Resource-Aware Mitigation Technology


Recently, I wrote an article for Security Week on the growing need for security solutions to manage under-the-radar attack tools before they wreak long-term havoc on the network. When first hearing about another lethal DoS (denial-of-service) attack, the first thing that comes to mind is the volume of traffic attackers sent to take down a service, or to flood a victim’s network. Realizing a more “affordable” solution, attackers are now favoring techniques that require very little resources and can slowly occupy a victim’s machine until the resources are spent.

The ease of launching and the lethalness of these attack tools are enticing hackers to develop more sophisticated versions that are less prone to detection and blocking. It’s clear that security professionals must develop new solutions and techniques to blunt the growing popularity of such tools.

You can read more about these risks and the need for resource-aware mitigation technology to combat them in my new article at Security


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