Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a DDoS Attack But Were Afraid to Ask


In our world of “ones and zeroes” there has been an exponential increase in network and application attacks that can keep the most seasoned security teams on their toes. Even worse, effectively mitigating attacks means dedicating time and resources that may already be strained. But what if you had a “virtual” security team at your disposal that could be relied upon for their expert advice and assistance?

With this in mind, Radware has launched a new online resource where information security experts can learn about different types of attack vectors and trends that hackers are currently using and gain access to a plethora of resources in order to combat future attacks. Aptly named, “DDoSWarriors.com,” this easy to navigate site will help place security professionals on the offensive as opposed to being on the defensive.

To better understand current and ongoing DDoS threats worldwide, the site offers an interactive map that displays the volume and geographic location of DDoS attacks and provides information on attack types, industry verticals, and attack vectors. In addition, Radware’s experts provide detailed attack reports broken down by industry that describe day-to-day accounts of specific attacks and offer essential counter-techniques.

The site also features the DDoS Survival Handbook. Downloadable in PDF format, it is the ultimate guide to what security professionals need to know about DDoS attacks. This invaluable handbook offers trusted and proven tips such as types of cross-platform attack tools and their effects, what it’s like to get hit by a DDoS attack and most importantly, how to protect your organization.

Also available on the site is the “DDoS-pedia,” a searchable resource that provides a centralized location of DDoS related definitions, and the Security Research Center, a catalog of Technical Security Notes with topics ranging from attackers’ tools to mitigation techniques and other research items. DDoSWarriors.com also features the “Experts’ Insider.” A series of interesting and digestible videos that help you learn, understand and prepare yourself for attack threats.

On a daily basis, Radware’s cadre of experts, the Emergency Response Team, fight various attacks that originate around the world. Through this constant engagement, Radware leverages the experience it gains from combating these attacks to provide users of the site with essential information. DDoSWarriors.com will keep you up to date and provide you with the know-how to mitigate the latest attacks as well as better educate security professionals on what future threats are out there. Since your best defense is always a good offense, check out the site and arm yourself with the strongest tool of the trade: information.


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