Your Favorite Posts of 2013


Here’s a roundup of our most-read posts of 2013.  We thought it’d be interesting to look back on a year’s worth of blogs and see what garnered the most attention. So here are the top five posts — Thanks to our readers, partners, customers, and team members for another great year.

We look forward to a smart, success-filled and secure 2014.  Cheers!

5 Ways to Improve Your Network Infrastructure’s Performance
Yaron Azerual (June 2013)
Learn about the five improvements you can make to yield more “good-put” (good net payload throughput) out of your same network.

Latency:  4 Ways You Can Fight Back and Accelerate Your Applications
Joshua Bixby (April 2013)
What are the real-world implications of latency on application performance?  Find out what latency is, its impact on page load, and how you can fight back.

ERT ALERT:  Cyber-attack Against U.S. Based Websites on May 7th — 4 Attack Methods to Expect
Yaniv Balmas (April 2013)
A preview of what to expect #OPUSA, a cyber-attack that was planned against U.S. based websites.

Can Your Firewall and IPS Block DDoS Attacks?
Ronen Kenig (May 2013)
Here’s why organizations should not count on their firewall and IPS when it comes to mitigating DDoS attacks.

18 Questions (and Answers) About Google, Site Speed, and SEO
Tammy Everts (July 2013)
A whole bunch of questions cropped up following the announcement from Google that pages that load slowly on mobile devices will be penalized in mobile search.  We have some answers for you. 


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