Your Right to Privacy


If George Orwell was alive today, he would probably be considered an optimist as far as our right to privacy goes. That’s the perspective of our Vice President of Security Solutions and cyber security expert, Carl Herberger. Last week, Carl sat down for a Facebook LIVE event to discuss our right to privacy, and how to defend against it in the face of growing security threats. He discusses a number of recent hacks, including those on financial institutions, the healthcare system, and even dating websites, like Ashley Madison. He also addressed a number of questions from followers, such as what we should avoid posting on social media, how online privacy works, and what expectations of privacy we should have in an age of the Internet of Things and constant data breaches.

If you missed the broadcast, you can view it below. Make sure to follow our Facebook page so you can get updates on our next livestream.

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  1. Cambridge Analytica isn’t the main danger to advanced security. The Supreme Court is set to choose the destiny of Timothy Carpenter, who, in 2014, was sentenced for partaking in a progression of equipped thefts on the premise, to some extent, of records got by the police from his phone organization.

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  3. How many of us are going to take the time to scroll through the new policies and change our data settings, though? We sign up to get the service, but we don’t give much thought to who might be storing our clicks or what they’re doing with our personal information.

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  5. On the off chance that George Orwell was alive today, he would most likely be viewed as a self assured person to the extent our entitlement to protection goes. That is the point of view of our Vice President of Security Solutions and digital security master, Carl Herberger. A week ago, Carl plunked down for a Facebook LIVE occasion to talk about our entitlement to protection, and how to guard against it even with developing security dangers.

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  7. The Ninth Amendment obviously countered the conceivable assumption that identification of certain rights blocked the acknowledgment of others. By its terms, it gives that the list of explicit rights ought not be “understood to deny or demonize” different rights.

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