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Cyber-Attackers Are Adjusting to the Security Adjustments You’ve Made

Sometimes it feels terrible to be right. In our recent Global Application & Network Security Report we predicted an increase in complex encrypted attack...

Don’t Let the Headlines Cloud Your Security Architecture Decisions

Information security professionals can hardly be blamed for a recent over-emphasis on looking to cloud-based solutions for protection for both network and application protection....

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Application Security in the Microservices Era

As organizations break their applications down into microservices, the responsibility for securing these environments is shifting as well.

The State-Sponsored Cyberthreat Landscape

State-sponsored cyberattacks have emerged as one of the preeminent threats targeting companies today.

The Evolution of Application Development

Delivering and securing containers and microservices is relatively new. Though there may be a few hiccups, all will normalize to a strong, steady state.

Agile Security Is Now A Reality

Businesses are looking to optimize and accelerate their SDLC, in order to improve their operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge.

Nation-State Attacks: Motivations & Consequences

Organizations leave sensitive, monetizable data unprotected, making cyberattacks a high-stakes, low-risk venture for nation-states.