Understanding DDoS Mitigation with Next-Gen Testing Platforms


DDoS attack testing and comprehensive DDoS mitigation can be a daunting task. In order to truly understand the effectiveness of your mitigation fabric, you need two things:

  • All of the instrumentation necessary to observe how a mitigation platform behaves in real-time against real-world threats; and
  • A next generation testing platform that provides the flexibility and accuracy needed to quantify results.

A next generation cloud-based testing platform combined with an attack mitigation system yields the desired visibility, predictability, and accuracy to truly understand how DDoS conditions can affect network infrastructure and application delivery.

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For example, Redwolf’s Cloud Testing Platform contains hundreds of tests wherein one can quickly and effectively test mitigation equipment to simulate any DDoS condition relevant in today’s attack landscape. By strategically deploying Redwolf agents in multiple points of a network, we can easily create comprehensive test plans that simulate even the most complex network attack scenarios.

Testing plans that used to take days to craft, execute and quantify can now be quickly deployed from a simple portal with a user-friendly interface.

Please watch our demonstration video with Redwolf. Happy testing!

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