The Emergence of Denial-of-Service Groups

August 27, 2019 — by Radware2

Denial-of-Service (DoS) attacks are cyberattacks designed to render a computer or network service unavailable to its users. A standard DoS attack is when an attacker utilizes a single machine to launch an attack to exhaust the resources of another machine. A DDoS attack uses multiple machines to exhaust the resources of a single machine.

DoS attacks have been around for some time, but only recently has there been an emergence of denial-of-service groups that have constructed large botnets to target massive organizations for profit or fame. These groups often utilize their own stresser services and amplification methods to launch massive volumetric attacks, but they have also been known to make botnets available for rent via the darknet.

If a denial-of-service group is targeting your organization, ensure that your network is prepared to face an array of attack vectors ranging from saturation floods to Burst attacks designed to overwhelm mitigation devices.

Hybrid DDoS mitigation capabilities that combine on-premise and cloud-based volumetric protection for real-time DDoS mitigation are recommended. This requires the ability to efficiently identify and block anomalies that strike your network while not adversely affecting legitimate traffic. An emergency response plan is also required.

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  • prime writing

    September 3, 2019 at 7:05 am

    Does DoS work as a negative SEO attack? I have had several eCommerce sites that were faster.


    • Daniel Smith

      September 6, 2019 at 3:12 pm

      If the DoS attack causes performance degradation or a service outage for a prolonged period, it could have an impact on your search engine ranking. Back In 2017 a group claiming to be Lizard Squad launched a fake ransom campaign threating a negative SEO attack. While nothing came of these threats the group was claiming to use a bot to conduct a malicious backlinking campaign in hopes to flood ranking algorithms and deindex targeted sites.


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