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Why Bother to Demonstrate in the Streets When You Can Simply Launch a Cyber-Attack on a Government Website

Not in favor of the new law that was just passed, immigration policies too racist, the Catholic Church too corrupt, it is possible or organize a demonstration or take the fastest, easiest and most effective way and launch a virtual attack on the offensive website. Take down the parliament portal to protest unfair laws or policies, shut down the local police’s website or the website of any offensive organization. Hacktivists have been very effective launching attacks on government websites and their motivation increases with each successful attack.

Operation Blackout Fails To Knockout!

March 2012 - Radware’s ERT Busiest Month Ever Operation Blackout Status: If you read the press over the weekend, you would have been led to believe...

Batten Down The Hatches: Anonymous – Coming Soon to Your Network

As security professionals facing the rising tide of threats, many of us find ourselves researching and implementing next-generation perimeter defenses to mitigate risks.  Through...

Operation Blackout – Get Yourself Prepared

Operation Blackout due date is approaching: Anonymous is planning to shutdown the Internet on March 31st, 2012 by attacking all 13 DNS root servers. DNS...

DDoS Yourself First – Part II: Rise of the Availability Vulnerabilities

Availability problems aren’t necessarily unique; however the testing is certainly different, as I discussed in Part 1 of DDoS Yourself. This “availability security problem” is...

Darkness (Optima) – DDoS for Hire

A clear trend in the security scene these days is the change in attacker profile. Computer hacking and DDoS attacks are no longer reserved...

DDoS Yourself First – Part I: Auditing for DDoS Vulnerabilities

What happens if your company has reason to believe that it may come under a DDoS attack in the near future or recently suffered...

Has Anonymous Really Developed an Ubuntu-based Operating System?

Here’s an interesting, new twist to the Anonymous saga:  Someone apparently has developed an Ubuntu distribution with Anonymous iconography and preloaded tools such as...

Anonymous Attacks – You Don’t Need a Big Crowd in Order to Take Down a Website

In the past year we used to see large campaigns by the anonymous group before launching a cyber attack. The purpose of the campaign...

Operation Blackout: Can Anonymous Succeed on March 31st?

Much has been written about Operation Blackout: the threat of Anonymous to take out the world's thirteen root Internet servers. This operation has been...

RSA 2012: Learn about the Latest Security Myths

Visit Radware at booth #856. If you're headed to RSA 2012 in San Francisco, we hope you will stop by to meet the Radware team...

You can’t hide behind the Clouds

We’re beginning to hear more about content distribution network (CDN) providers burnishing their offerings with WAF-like capabilities.  While it appears to address some of...

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