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DDoS Attacks

5 Questions About Anonymous’ New DDoS Techniques

In case anyone missed this news, Group Anonymous has put up code at pastehtml.com (a free and anonymous HTML code-hosting site) which uses your...

Lesson Learned: ISPs & CDNs aren’t enough for Anti-DDoS

Well, I suppose that many in the Hacktivist world have resolved that 2012 would be a ‘breakout’ year for them as the level of...

The Risks of Using SaaS from a DDoS Perspective

By David Hobbs – System Engineer at Radware David Hobbs focuses on security everyday, with 16 years experience battling the latest attempts by hackers to...

Cyber Monday: A Hacktivist’s Dream Come True?

So far this year has been astonishing for the “Named Attacks” by Hacktivists as illustrated in the chart below. In addition to these named...

6 Key 2012 IT Security Considerations

By all indications 2011 will be known as a historic year in information security as threats added a whole new category of motive to...

A Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed

I just came back from a tour in Europe, meeting with both customers and journalists. It was a very interesting trip, dedicated to the...

Fighting Cyber Attacks in Real Time with AMS

Most organizations that utilize network defense software have adopted a passive approach when attempting to stop cyber attacks.  That’s because most of the defense...

Security? Defense, Offense, Both?

Boy the world has gotten complicated to defend hasn't it? The old adage, "information security is very basic" turns out not to be true...

DoS Attack Forensic: Following Sherlock Holmes Footsteps

Denial-of-Service (DoS) Attack forensics has several motivations. When under attack, this process is important to identify the attacker and safely distinguish it from legitimate...

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