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When You Get Breached, So Do Your Customers

No industry is immune to emerging attack vectors. Here are some of the primary attack types that are targeting SaaS providers.

How to Prevent Pay-Per-Registration Fraud

Registration fraud is difficult to detect and directly affects revenues. But you can avoid the damage when treating this threat as a business matter.

Smart DDoS Protection During the COVID-19 Crisis

As organizations are adjusting to these challenging times, they need to make sure they are adapting their security as well.

Protecting AWS Assets: A Case Study

Cloud environments make it easy to deploy new resources and grant wide-ranging permissions that can eventually be abused.

Seven L7 DDoS Attacks to Watch Out For

As more and more services are migrating online, DDoS attacks are increasingly shifting away from the network layer, and into the application layer.

Work From Home Was The Sprint, Now Comes The Security Marathon

The decisions & tools that organizations choose now, and the training they provide to their employees, will have enduring effects on security.

Cracking Passwords and Taking Over User Accounts

The right bot manager can help block illegal account access before fraudulent transactions can occur, as well as sophisticated account takeover attacks.

Hybrid Warfare: How Cancel Culture Can Fuel a War

Countries in conflict are starting rely on a hybrid variation of tactics and techniques, including cyber activity and information/influential campaigns.

Designing DDoS Mitigation Solutions for Simplicity & Speed

Given the key aspect of DDoS mitigation is accurate detection & fast mitigation, over designing the solution can create confusion when you're under attack.

Why You Should Reconsider DDoS Mitigation from Public Cloud Providers

When you opt for your provider’s DDoS mitigation service, you're protected against common attacks, but more sophisticated attack vectors will go undetected.

There’s No Silver Bullet to Deal with Cyberattacks

Countries that are slow to digitally transform and have a smaller threat landscape have avoided major events, although they now face a tough situation.

Security Jobs: What’s Hot and What’s Cooling

Many businesses are trying to cut costs to prepare for a COVID-related recession. What does that mean for the immediate future of security jobs?

Must Read

Application Security in the Microservices Era

As organizations break their applications down into microservices, the responsibility for securing these environments is shifting as well.

How Can You Protect What You Can’t See?

Radware’s 2019–2020 Global Application & Network Security Report combines statistical research and front-line experience to identify cybersecurity trends.

The State-Sponsored Cyberthreat Landscape

State-sponsored cyberattacks have emerged as one of the preeminent threats targeting companies today.

Getting Ready for 5G & IoT

Network performance improvements and IoT capabilities promise to help businesses move even faster. Yet uncertainty about this new technology is prevalent.

The Evolution of Application Development

Delivering and securing containers and microservices is relatively new. Though there may be a few hiccups, all will normalize to a strong, steady state.