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There’s No Silver Bullet to Deal with Cyberattacks

Countries that are slow to digitally transform and have a smaller threat landscape have avoided major events, although they now face a tough situation.

Security Jobs: What’s Hot and What’s Cooling

Many businesses are trying to cut costs to prepare for a COVID-related recession. What does that mean for the immediate future of security jobs?

Radware Threat Researchers Live: Recent Network Threats

In this episode of Radware Threat Researchers Live, Pascal Geenens & Daniel Smith share their expert insights into the latest network & application threats.

Vulnerable Voting Infrastructure and the Future of Election Security

As the United States prepares for the 2020 presidential election, there is concern regarding the vulnerability of the country’s voting infrastructure

4 Tips for Securing Your Public Cloud for Remote Work

As organizations gain more remote workers during coronavirus times, IT should implement these best practices to help mitigate emerging risks.

A Changing World Requires a Changing View of Security

Being catapulted into the future has revealed cracks in terms of the infrastructure IT specialists have had to play with, and the extent of their skills.

How to Predict the Future in the Palm Lines of the Web

Most of the attacks carried out during March 2020 used the UDP traffic protocol (71%), camouflaged within the avalanche generated by the lockdown.

Malicious Bots Have Realized Your APIs Are the Weak Link

Modern applications and services rely heavily on API integration and communication. But 81% of organizations have reported attacks against their APIs.

K-Pop Fans Are the New Anonymous

Recent cyber events have proven why Anonymous is obsolete, highlighting the need for a new hacktivist group that doesn’t live off the names of the past.

What To Consider When Evaluating DDoS Mitigation Services

In this video, Dileep Mishra, a Radware Sales Engineer, discusses three key factors to consider when evaluating DDoS mitigation services.

Recommendations for Managing a Bad Bot Problem

Here's how businesses should manage bad bots--which account for nearly 25% of internet traffic-- and mitigate their impact on the bottom line.

Ensuring Remote Access Availability & Security

Remote access has become the most significant IT resource out there, and we must ensure its availability and security -- or else risk productivity.

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Application Security in the Microservices Era

As organizations break their applications down into microservices, the responsibility for securing these environments is shifting as well.

How Can You Protect What You Can’t See?

Radware’s 2019–2020 Global Application & Network Security Report combines statistical research and front-line experience to identify cybersecurity trends.

The State-Sponsored Cyberthreat Landscape

State-sponsored cyberattacks have emerged as one of the preeminent threats targeting companies today.

Getting Ready for 5G & IoT

Network performance improvements and IoT capabilities promise to help businesses move even faster. Yet uncertainty about this new technology is prevalent.

C-Suite Survey: Accelerated Cloud Migrations, Lagging Security

The 2020 “C-Suite Perspectives Report on IT Security” reveals that COVID-19 was a major accelerant for organizations to quickly migrate to the cloud.