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From Defense to Offense – Three Steps to Successful Attack Mitigation

In the same week that undercover FBI agents foiled a plot to attack the Federal Reserve Bank in New York City, a ninth bank...

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About a DDoS Attack But Were Afraid to Ask

In our world of “ones and zeroes” there has been an exponential increase in network and application attacks that can keep the most seasoned...

Radware’s ERT Analyzes ‘Operation Ababil’ – and Wonders Who Was Really Behind the Attacks?

BACKGROUND: On September 18, 2012 a group called ‘Cyber fighters of Izz ad-din Al qassam’ called on hacktivists around the world to join a cyber-attack...

Don’t Leave Money On the Table – A Guide For Hosting Providers to Boost Revenue

The hosting market is booming as more businesses look to third-party hosting providers to outsource much of the storage, delivery and network security of...

ERT Threat Alert – New Trojan Found: Admin.HLP Attacks Organization Data

Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) research Lab released a threat alert regarding a newly discovered Trojan Key Logger named Admin.HLP that was detected today for the first time within one of its customer’s servers.

Admin.HLP, is malicious software that monitors keystrokes on the victim’s computer, collects user passwords, credit card numbers and other sensitive information. Then it sends all the stolen data out of the organization to the attackers’ remote servers over secured HTTPS connection.

Security Week Article: The Need for Resource-Aware Mitigation Technology

Recently, I wrote an article for Security Week on the growing need for security solutions to manage under-the-radar attack tools before they wreak long-term...

Congratulations to Radware’s Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge Champion

I wanted to thank everyone who participated in our recent Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge which was an enormous success. Out of the 383...

ERT Threat Alert: Olympic Security Update

Radware’s Emergency Response Team (ERT) releases a new threat alert regarding an upcoming DDoS attack targeting websites linked to the 2012 Summer Olympics. Attacker Background An...

The Malware Update: A Look at the Latest Malware That’s Attacking Business Networks

Recently, new malware was discovered with the ability to identify the operating system of the victim, and infect them accordingly. As most of the...

Last Week to Participate! Attack Mitigation Black Belt Final Round Begins Today.

If you've been waiting, now's the time to participate - the last week of Radware's Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge begins today and ends...

Calling All Attack Mitigation Experts – Red Belt Round Begins Today!

Two more weeks left in the Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge and congratulations to all who have earned a green belt. As we head...

Are you ready for your Green Belt in Attack Mitigation?

Knowledge Test Overview Wow! The Attack Mitigation Black Belt Challenge is only two weeks old and already we have dueling leaders and intense competition. People...

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