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Protecting Against Narrowband IoT Security Risks

Narrowband internet of things (NB-IoT) is a low power wide area network (LPWAN) radio technology standard developed by the 3rd-Generation Partner Project (3GPP) to enable a wide range of cellular devices and services.

Network Slicing: Not As Dicey As You Might Think!

Every now and again, we hear a new technical term that requires a cursory Google search to make sure we are current...

5G Security in an API-Driven Economy

Over the last six years, solution architects have been designing the transformation of Service Provider’s networks to significantly reduce the timing of...

The Necessary Burden of 5G Security

Today's infrastructure threats will have major impacts on tomorrow’s 5G commercial networks. 5G network slicing, virtualization and disaggregation introduce new levels of...

Bot Management: A Business Opportunity for Service Providers

Over half of all internet traffic is generated by bots — some legitimate, some malicious. These “bad” bots are often deployed with...

5G: You Can Have Your Slice and Security Too!

We have heard it before. Another generation of mobile architecture is upon us and we are euphoric for all the cool things...

Out of the Shadows, Into the Network

Network security is a priority for every carrier worldwide. Investments in human resources and technology solutions to combat attacks are a significant...

Here’s How Net Neutrality & Wearable Devices Can Impact 5G

AT&T and Verizon are committed to an aggressive, multi-city roll out plan in a race to be the first carrier to implement national 5G...

Here’s How Carriers Can Differentiate Their 5G Offerings

Much of the buzz surrounding this year’s Mobile World Congress has focused on “cool” tech innovations. There are self-driving cars, IoT-enhanced bee hives, smart...

Securing the Customer Experience for 5G and IoT

5G is set to bring fast speeds, low latency and more data to the customer experience for today’s digitized consumer. Driven by global demand for...

Don’t Be A “Dumb” Carrier

By next year, it is estimated that there will be 20.4 billion IoT devices, with businesses accounting for roughly 7.6 billion of them. While...

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As organizations break their applications down into microservices, the responsibility for securing these environments is shifting as well.

How Can You Protect What You Can’t See?

Radware’s 2019–2020 Global Application & Network Security Report combines statistical research and front-line experience to identify cybersecurity trends.

The State-Sponsored Cyberthreat Landscape

State-sponsored cyberattacks have emerged as one of the preeminent threats targeting companies today.

Getting Ready for 5G & IoT

Network performance improvements and IoT capabilities promise to help businesses move even faster. Yet uncertainty about this new technology is prevalent.

The Evolution of Application Development

Delivering and securing containers and microservices is relatively new. Though there may be a few hiccups, all will normalize to a strong, steady state.