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Load balancing and application delivery in VMware vCloud. How to best serve your applications?

January 21, 2014 — by Lior Cohen1

Whether you are building a private cloud or deploying applications over a public cloud infrastructure, you will be using application delivery functionality such as load balancing to scale out application workloads. The level of required application delivery functionality differs between environments. While cutting edge web applications are often designed using REST oriented architectures which require the load balancer only to distribute traffic evenly, typical applications heavily rely on application delivery functionality such as SSL offloading, L7 policies, and session stickiness to properly operate. Furthermore, due to the strategic placement of ADCs in the application stack – in front of the application – security and performance optimization are natural extensions to effectively optimize application delivery.

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Radware’s Alteon VA™ Virtual Appliance Combines with IBM’s Next Generation Platform to Change the Enterprise IT Experience

April 11, 2012 — by Yossi Vardi1

On April 11, IBM announced the availability of IBM PureSystems, a new family of integrated systems with built-in expertise to address complex business and operational tasks automatically with integration to tune systems for optimal performance and efficiency. I’m pleased to announce that Radware is playing a key a role in IBM’s new family of offerings as Radware’s Alteon VA™, an industry-leading application delivery controller (ADC) packaged as a virtual appliance, is optimized to run over IBM’s next generation platform called IBM PureFlex System.

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Alteon 5224: Future-Proof ADC that Makes it a Breeze

January 29, 2012 — by Nir Ilani2

If you’re part of the IT/network infrastructure industry or, even better, if you own an application or a line of business (LOB), you surely know that the data center has some well known requirements including application availability, performance and security.  These can be addressed using an Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) or, simply put, a load balancer.  While Radware is not the only ADC vendor out there, it does provide one of the finest ADCs and definitely the most future-proof ADC on the market: The Alteon 5224.