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Networks Are Not Always Up or Down

March 3, 2016 — by Frank Yue0


I recently spent time travelling internationally for work. During my trip in one of the countries, I caught a nasty bug.  I won’t give you the details, but suffice to say I was not working at 100% physically and mentally.  Of course, I spent a lot of time planning this trip, speaking at certain events, and meeting different teams and customers.  I had to find a way to perform to meet everyone’s expectations.  I had to identify the cause of my sub-par state and then find a solution to fix it which included hydration, vitamins, and medicine.

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For Financial Services, An Outage May Be Preferable to This

January 5, 2016 — by Frank Yue0


It is easy to know when there is an outage.  Things do not work, people complain, and businesses lose money.  It is much harder to know when an application is working, but in a sub-par manner.  These scenarios are harder to identify and fix.  Ultimately, these degradation situations may be costing the company more money than the outages.

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Much more than Outage: 2013 DDoS Market Review

January 27, 2014 — by Motty Alon1

What comes to mind when the term “Denial of Service” is mentioned? Probably website outage.

This image has been crafted over the last couple of years with media, analysts and bloggers all talking about Denial of Service attacks, but mostly when the result of the DoS attack caused a site outage. Our latest report, the Radware Global Application and Network Security Report addresses this and other misconceptions about DDoS.