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The ADC is a Force Multiplier for NFV

April 20, 2016 — by Frank Yue0


The IT industry is moving towards virtualization and software-defined [insert noun here].  IT architects are realize that management and orchestration systems are required to extract the full benefits of the virtualized architectures. The mobile service providers designed network functions virtualization (NFV) as the standard architecture to bring virtualization and cloud-like functionality to their networks.


Coming to the OpenStack Summit in Paris? Join my seminars

October 31, 2014 — by Samuel Bercovici0

Infrastructure-as-a-Service based clouds and, in particular, OpenStack have matured.  This state of maturity involves “enterprise-grade” capabilities, in terms of features and manageability, which can be delivered as a service.  This, and many other topics, will be discussed and analyzed at length during next week’s OpenStack Summit in Paris, where I have the pleasure of speaking at two seminars.